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author/source: She's Local

South Shore Conference for Women BODLocal.org ‘s mission is to create lasting experiences for women, close to home. Since 2016, our She’s Local team of volunteers have created and sustained local conferences for women in six regions of New England. We average 600 attendees at each in-person event, skillfully bringing together speakers, vendors, entertainers, sponsors, attendees, business owners, and community leaders. Through the pandemic, we pivoted successfully to an all-virtual platform, maintaining the energy, connections, and inspiration for local women.  This year we are working towards our third conference, returning to an in-person setting at the Quincy Marriott on October 28, 2021, and for those that are not comfortable a virtual setting.

We are different from every other local conference for women in the country. 

  • We are affordable.  $52 per ticket
  • We are personal and intimate.
  • We highlight and connect local women.
  • We bring you relatable, relevant information.

Michele GiovaninniRelevant Topics

Customized for Local Women

Each local conference is customized to the women in their community. In the four months leading up to the conference, we host local in-person and virtual meetups to gather the important topics that matter to the women we serve. We then ask local experts to apply to be panelists on conference day.  Once the topics are collected and the application process closes, we then match local speakers to the topics that matter to women in the area.

Relatable Women

Women Living Similar Lives

Each of our panels are made up of three local experts: real, accessible, relatable women from the local community. Women who will answer a phone call or meet for coffee, close by.  We match these experts with each other so they can weave together their passion and purpose for a well-thought-out and informative session for our audience. Over the course of 3 months, panelists meet and customize their panel format, title, description, and key takeaways, all while being promoted through our She’s Local social and digital channels prior to, during, and following their local conference.

Lisa Ryan
Affordable for ALL
A Ticket Price We Can Feel Good About Investing
We want to make information and inspiration accessible to ALL.  Our in-person conference tickets remain at $52 for a full-day conference including breakfast, lunch, coffee all day, and complimentary wine during a post-conference DJ-hosted celebration.  A dollar a week to invest in yourself is something we can feel good about.  Our virtual tickets are $52 making the opportunity to connect with local women, even more accessible.  We also give scholarships to women struggling to make ends meet, female veterans, and survivors of domestic violence.