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Management Team Members 


Cathie Briggette

Co-Founder - Web Producer & Operations

Cathie was born and raised in Massachusetts.  She has been working in tech and marketing since 1994.  She has built mission-critical databases for everyone from adoption agencies to private equity firms.  And she has managed marketing and sales teams. And helps small businesses with their SEO.

Cathie also had a short stint as the Operations Manager for the US Software Division of Objects 9000, a German-based software company. And prior to that was the Marketing Director for the US office of Pelikan Pens, a high-end German pen manufacturer, working with advertising and marketing specialty pens, including all design, content and project management of all magazine advertisements.  And she is certified in HubSpot's Inbound Sales and Marketing. 

After marching for and with women at the Women's March on Washington with her daughter Jennifer, in January of 2017, she decided that she wanted to be more involved in women's issues and empowerment. And so Herself360, was born from this want.  

 Cathie is married with 3 children, Jennifer, Paul & Sarah and 2 grandchildren (LP and Isabelle) and another on the way. She loves gardening, golfing and traveling with her husband.

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Lyvia Feraco
Co-Founder, Content Manager, Life, Career, Executive & Image Consulting Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Writer & Movie Producer & Director

Born in Madagascar, Lyvia moved to Paris when she was 7 years old.  She studied there and worked in communication, finance, and fashion for several French and US corporations like Goldman Sachs before moving to Boston in 2014. 

This new start was an opportunity for her to reflect on her career path and decide what she wanted for the next chapter of her life. 

Lyvia loves people, is curious about human nature.  As far as she can remember, people have always come to her for advice or to just talk about life, choices, and perspectives.  She cherished the enriched feeling and learning she would get out of it. 

Lyvia likes to help people find happiness and engage with their Greater Self.  This was how she discovered a career that aligned with her life passion, abilities, and interests: a life and performance coach.  She chose Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - an ICF accredited school (International Coach Federation), partnering with Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, as the program that aligned best with her values.  She’s been enjoying the powerful co-active coaching method as a tool to help people live their life to their fullest.

Her belief in the power of stories goes beyond Herself360. She likes to write books and make movies that support, inspire and empower people. Currently, she has 1book and 3 movies in the pipeline.

Lyvia was a member of the Board for the 2019 inaugural South Shore Conference for Women. She is currently part of the Outreach Committee for the 2020 conference and plans to focus on diversity.

She has 2 sons, speaks French and English fluently, and practices Kundalini and Ying yoga and Transcendental Meditation.  She takes piano and singing lessons, takes acting and improv classes and does oil painting. She also likes to travel the world with her family. 




Anna Foster
Business Strategy Consultant, Community Relations, Advertisement Sales & Sponsorships, Contributor

Anna Foster is the founder and CEO of A Maven’s World, an event-focused and consulting business that works with individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations on business strategy, networking, and development.

Ms. Foster is a certified life and business coach, as well as a certified behavioral analysis trainer. She is an avid connector, poised event host, professionally trained speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and an impactful influencer. Anna’s work has earned her various awards and recognition. In March 2019, Anna published her first book: “The Entrepreneur’s Guide & Workbook: For Mindful, Happy & Intentional Living”.

Anna’s most recent awards include the Visionary Award in Entrepreneurship, the Ignatius Foundation Sapphire Award, three state-level honors:  2016 from the Governor of Massachusetts, and two-consecutive honors in 2016 and 2017 from the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

She is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and the South Shore Women’s Business Network - Massachusetts.

She presently sits on the Small Business Advisory Board for the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and on the board of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Anna is the former Vice Chair of the Network for Women in Business-Massachusetts.

Prior to founding A Maven’s World, Anna owned and operated several businesses in various industries.  This experience has fueled Anna with the passion to assist entrepreneurs and professionals to live their best life and gain success by living authentically.

Several years ago, Anna set out to create a world in which people who are facing obstacles and encountering challenges can feel safe instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated, and be rewarded instead of rejected.

Building on her annual conferences for professional women and entrepreneurs each year in Boston, in 2018, Foster expanded the women's leadership conference nationwide and internationally with conferences in Tampa, Hartford, Washington, DC, and London.

Ms. Foster holds a B.A. in Business Management from Suffolk University and a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk University Law School.  Anna has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Anna is married and has two children.