Time Is Life’s Currency, Sitting in Indecision can be Costly

author/source: Michelle Woerdeman

Michelle Woerdeman Mind Body Wellness Pod CastHave you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you just couldn't make a decision? It could be as simple as what shirt to wear, what restaurant to eat at, or maybe it's about a job, or a relationship change. You just can't seem to decide. Sometimes you may even wish someone would make the decision for you.

Not being able to make decisions can cost you some valuable time. Time that could be better spent doing something more productive. Sure, some decisions can have more of an impact than others and require more thought. But too often we sit in indecision because of the "What If's" that are going on in our brains. We go back and forth and back and forth and the result can be no action taken, or a decision is made, then second-guessing that you made the wrong decision might start. Second-guessing decisions you've made do not serve you. I offer you this. What if there is no such thing as the wrong decision? Either it works out the way you planned, maybe even better, or you have learned a lesson.  Either way is beneficial to you.

A lot of times our brains go right to the worst-case scenario, the good old "What If?". Think back to a time when you had a hard time making a decision. What was going on in your brain? Some of my clients come to me because they feel stuck. They don't know what to do next. They are in a situation that they know they don't want to be in, but are not sure what to do next. When we dive into why they are stuck, the number one reason I get is, "Well, what if xxxx happens". My response, " so what if xxx happens, then what?" Most often the What If's I hear wouldn't or don't come true. It’s all just noise. Thoughts that are just circling round and round. Our brains try and keep us safe. That is what they are designed to do. These What If’s are just our brain's way of protecting us.

Photo Courtesy of Roy MuzThe next time you find yourself stuck in making a decision, stop and notice what it is your brain is telling you. Why are you stuck? What are the thoughts that are making you feel reluctant? Notice them, make a decision, and move on. Don't waste time and energy stuck in indecision. It serves no purpose. Once you have made the decision, don’t second guess it... You've got this!  Cheers, and Be Well.


Michelle started her coaching business after 17 successful years as a financial planner. Her passion has always been about helping people achieve their dreams. While she had a great career, something was missing. Michelle wanted more from life and knew her true calling for helping people was ready to take a different direction.

Life was more than helping people achieve financial wellness—Michelle wanted to help them achieve overall emotional and life wellness. We so often find ourselves on the hamster wheel of life without any idea of how to get off. Michelle provides her clients with the tools to get off the wheel, live with purpose, and achieve the life they never thought possible. It all starts with one thought at a time.