Are You Making Enough Time for Yourself

author/source: Michele Woerdeman

Michelle BalancingWomen often come to me because they are frustrated, overwhelmed, and think they have no time for themselves. They are busy putting everyone else first and can't seem to squeeze in any time for self-care.

The thing is, " I don't have the time" is just a thought. A thought that has become a belief. Beliefs are just thoughts and stories we have told ourselves over and over.

Our thoughts create our feelings, which lead to our actions. These produce a result. So in thinking I don't have time, all the time, guess what you are going to create? Not enough time for yourself.

Michelle MWB Mind BalanceThis is one of my favorite areas to coach clients on. Mainly because I HAVE BEEN THERE.

It was easy to justify to myself that I didn't have time. I had two small children, a full-time successful career, a long commute, and a household to take care of. My husband is also in the military, so when he was away for military commitments, I was single parenting.

My mental and physical health paid the price over time. I knew something had to change. I just didn't feel like myself anymore.

I got my own coaching and realized I was living from a scarcity mindset and creating less of what I desired, which was more time. I had no idea I was doing this to myself and that I had the power to change my life by changing my beliefs.

Coaching taught me that I can create any result I want in my life. It all starts with a thought. Being able to really dive into your brain and see what's going on, and how you can make the changes you want, isn't an easy task. But boy is it worth it. It teaches you to be the director of your life, and not just live each day reacting to circumstances.

Michelle WoerdemanMichelle Woerdeman BIO:


Michelle started her coaching business after 17 successful years as a financial planner. Her passion has always been about helping people achieve their dreams. While she had a great career, something was missing. Michelle wanted more from life and knew her true calling for helping people was ready to take a different direction.

Life was more than helping people achieve financial wellness—Michelle wanted to help them achieve overall emotional and life wellness. We so often find ourselves on the hamster wheel of life without any idea of how to get off. Michelle provides her clients with the tools to get off the wheel, live with purpose, and achieve the life they never thought possible. It all starts with one thought at a time.

Michelle studied and was certified as a Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach through Goal Imagery™ Institute This is an International Coaching School of Mastery that provided a very unique and in-depth look at the power of coaching utilizing techniques specializing in thinking, feeling, being, and doing.

She continued her passion for learning and attended a 12-month Certification at the Life Coach School, where she also became a Certified Life and Weight Coach.

Michelle continues to feed her love of learning and is currently enrolled in Tony Robbins Master University. Her passion for learning is so she can continue to provide exceptional coaching to her clients using the most up-to-date and scientifically proven strategies.

If this all sounds familiar, I'd love to show you how you can find more time in every day... for YOU!