Mental Health: Depression Is Temporary

author/source: Nicole Perry

Photo Courtesy of Finn NjupI’m gonna play a song, maybe more than one…

But you can only hear your song. 

And I want to tell you a story with music and dance.

I’m gonna dance as though I’m alone in my room. And really let go and be me. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you see.

I am a Suicide Attempt Survivor.

It’s been out there for quite some time now…  

From sharing it to my closest friends when I was a teen, to dancing with the dignitaries and winning the first-place mirror ball prize in October 2016.  

To revealing my story on the radio about a show I did on suicide prevention in September of 2017.

And then yet revealing even more in my debut book that was published in May of 2020.

I’m okay—being a sort of poster child for awareness.

I get to.

At the end of one of my luncheon keynotes, I talked briefly about mental health.

And it’s been a while. 

So I thought it would be a good idea to carry that into today—here. Now.

Houston, we have a problem.

Photo Courtesy of Priscilla Du PreezCan I shine a little light from afar?

It’s a dark and heavy subject. I know. No one wants to touch it. Like it’s contagious or something. Or we might open a wound of something tragic. Or we might get sucked into helping someone—and be expected to perform magic. 

Dare I ask; Ain’t nobody got time for that?

What it’s like to be a survivor: It’s amazing to have another chance. And I get to help bring awareness. I get to say the things I wanted to hear. I get to bring music to my own ear.

What we must do as fellow human beings: Ask questions. Any question that comes from love will do. Care. Any caring from love will do. Be aware. Any awareness from love will do. Dance your soul away.

How one person can make a difference: Love.

Share love to people—like their life depends on it.

What we share—expands.

I’ve experienced love in many different ways; Laughter, friendships, and motherhood. And that shirt off your back, there for you and drop everything kind of love. 

What I realized when writing my debut book; I still wasn’t saying I love you to myself through my actions every day.  

And that changed.

And so it is.

There’s always room for more love.

Suicide is permanent. Depression is temporary.

Love is everlasting.

What to do?

Give love.

Because we get to keep what we give.

And everyone else? 

They get to receive.

Nicole Perry Bio PicturesBIO:  Author, Radio Show Host, Spiritual Coach - Nicole Perry

As the creator and radio show host for Powerful Women Revealed, my mission is to support women entrepreneurs and women in business who are just like me; They have powerful missions, a deep burning desire to support their community, and they want to use their voice to make a difference. 

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Be Love. See Love. Give Love.