Are You on the Fence about a Decision?

author/source: Dr. Amba Dryg - Tobin

are-you-the-fence-about-decisionThe Gall Bladder has a relationship with decisions and if we can or cannot make them with clarity and ease. 

The Gallbladder rules choosing between options, decision-making, and good judgment. What course is right for me? It helps us find our life direction anytime we are wallowing in procrastination or indecision. 

On a physical level, the Gallbladder assists digestion to keep it moving and controls sinews, body flexibility, and tendon strength. It carries out the plans of the Liver, providing courage and initiative to keep our life moving, including emotions. The gallbladder influences the sides of the head and body. It transforms Kidney vitality into action.  

The Gallbladder rules sleep, as it is associated with the deep sleep point from 11 pm to 1 am. Insomnia or waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall asleep may indicate a deficient Gallbladder. Timidity, indecisiveness, and being easily discouraged are also signs of a weak Gallbladder. Conversely, the opposite, or braggadocio, may also be an imbalance in the Gallbladder. 

  • The liver is the solid or yin organ / paired with its Yang or hollow organ the Gall Bladder
  • Gall Bladder relates to the spring season
  • The acquired emotions related are anger, frustration, impatience
  • The virtues we are born with are COMPASSION, KINDNESS, AND PATIENCE
  • When we cannot easily make decisions, it stresses the Gall Bladder
  • are-you-the-fence-about-decisionThe disharmonies in the Gall Bladder also can cause indecision 
  • Certain headaches can be helped with acupressure to Gall Bladder points on the leg and foot
  • Sour things help Gall Bladder and Liver.  Also mint, melon, and cucumber
  • The craving for sour things can also mean your Liver or Gall Bladder may need attention

Impatience can also bring difficulty in making good decisions- and seeing the big picture. This lady here with me is Fran Lambert. I may be impatient to see her- in November in Connecticut or to see my friend Diana Webb in August in New Mexico for our retreats— yet I am practicing patience

My personal indecision right now is deciding to cancel my Masterclass on May 21st to go to study with my teacher Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson on Feng Shui, Gem/ Mineral Healing tools from this May 18th through the 22nd.  

It’s an easy choice, normally because I value his priceless teachings and the way I can share them better with the more and refreshed study. 

Yet, I would also have to reschedule many clients and shorten time with my family in California…yadda yadda yadda. This is my Gall Bladder showing me - I need to take more reflection- perfect for Mercury Retrograde (if you fly- get flights early in the morning so if they get canceled or delayed—-you have options before it’s too late in the day-lol, but really) 

Gall Bladder 40 point on the outside ankle to decide if it is in my highest good to go. It allows me to see the big picture from a higher perspective. 

Common Patterns of Gall Bladder Excess or Deficiency: 

Timidity, inability to make decisions, nervousness, conditioned to expect criticism, irritability, depression, pain on one side of the head or body, bitterness, unfaithfulness, hypochondria, sluggish digestion, blurred vision, dizziness, craving greasy foods, startles easily, indigestion, especially after fatty food, bloating, flatulence, passing wind, gallstones, acute abdominal pain, high cholesterol, and cholecystitis (inflammation of the Gallbladder). 

Gallbladder’s Best Friends: Healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, and fish oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C, fiber, nuts, buckwheat, liver, regular vigorous exercise, hemp, turmeric, beets, black seed oil, avocados, blackberries, lemon juice, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and dandelion. 

The Gallbladder’s Worst Enemies: Repressed anger, resentment, bitterness, sugar, alcohol, Soy oil, vegetable oils, 

GMO oils, statin drugs, obesity, potatoes, pasta, rice, dairy, cheeses, grains, and sweets like donuts, biscuits, cakes, fritters, and pancakes. 

are-you-the-fence-about-decisionTo Balance the Gallbladder meridian:  Set a clear intention to build health. Start at GB-1, the outer corner of the eye. Trace up to the forehead inside the hairline, around behind the ear to the back corner of the head. Traceback to (GB-21) big bone in the spine, forward around the shoulders down the sides of the torso to hip bone, down the outer leg, ending on the outside of 4th toe at GB-44. Do both sides together, or one at a time. 

To Clear the Gallbladder meridian: 

Set a clear intention to build health Trace backward once, starting at GB-44 on the outside of the 4th toe, going up to GB-1 on the outside of the eyes. Trace both sides together or one at a time. Then trace forward 3 times as above, both sides at the same time or one after the other. 

“The Gallbladder is like a judge for its power of discernment.” – The Huangdi Neijing, the Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Medicine, 2,700 BCE. 

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Dr. Amba Dryg is fortunate to have graduated in the last Doctoral class under the guidance of Abbot Sifu Professor Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson the founder of the International Institute of Medical QiGong and Senior Abbot at Tian Yun Gong (Temple of the Celestial Cloud) Daoist Monastery, in Monterey, California.

are-you-the-fence-about-decisionShe also studied child development, psychology, medical sciences and holistic health at several colleges and universities including San Francisco State University. As well as Chinese medical theory, acupuncture from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California

She also is a 400-hour plus- Certified Yoga Teacher from Green Path Yoga and The Bhramanada Ashram also known as the Yoga Society of San Francisco, where she studied the Sanskrit language and Vedic and Yoga philosophy with Dr. Ram Karan Sharma and the teachings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati Udasina (Ramamurti S. Mishra, MD). And has a second yoga certification from Integral Awakening Yoga
Dr. Amba Dryg is also a Level 3 Qigong Instructor and Workshop Facilitator of Sacred Geometry and Food Based Healing with the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation based in Florida. Within the Foundation is where she also studied with Wim Hof in Tummo Meditation, which later he renamed it "the Wim Hoff Method"

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