Magical Words

author/source: Dr. Amba Tobin

I just realized something. On my journey to practice self-love, and i am still on that journey---I have always sang to feel appreciated--- the whole magical-wordsthought of “if someone else likes it- then I must be worthy of someone liking or loving me”. 

Then I became a different things, a teacher of yoga, a DR of qigong, a teacher of self-love for pre-teens, tweens and now adults. I became a Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy and when I have a passion to share something-- I get out of my own head and just let it rip.   

When I used to sing, and I don’t do that- very much anymore--- UP UNTIL NOW---- then I would just let it rip. It just came out of me.  

However, with singing, it was very much about getting approval and me feeling like I was worthy of love.  

I have a knowledge that UP UNTIL NOW (MAGIC WORDS) that my need for approval was a false belief that love of my own self, was conditional. Conditional on that if I did what others wanted me to do----maybe they would love me. If they loved me- then maybe I was worthy of love. 

I think there are a few of us out there in the world that have had trauma from an experience in our lives with people we loved, who changed our lives with the situations that could have ruined our lives.   

Instead, EVEN THOUGH (MAGIC WORDS), very bad things happened to me... I STILL WANT (MAGIC WORDS) to love and honor myself and I know that I am worthy of love and my own self-love... even if it’s a day to day practice. It’s not yet perfect. 

I really believe the more of us who find inner peace and SELF-LOVE- the sooner we will have that vibration ripple out to world peace. It will bemagical-wordsstronger than anything money or war could rippled out as it has been doing for centuries UP UNTIL NOW (MAGIC WORDS.) 

Maybe some people have trauma, some people have not had extreme hard lives circumstances- however a lot of us have had challenges with self-esteem. I think its ok, to seek out approval---ANY WAY THAT IT TAKES-WITHOUT HURTING ANYONE------ THAT WE CAN---TO GENERATE ANY KIND OF LOVE... if that is what it takes to feel important, loveable, worthy----- by all means- just so we get the feeling, the awareness , the experience that we are worthy of love -so we can finally be on the way- to realizing WE ARE ALL WORTHY OF LOVE.   

Especially self-love. So, we have the fuel of that love to share, and get the ball rolling toward world peace. 

WE teach our kids to use their words. NO fighting. Let’s bring up our own vibrations and frequencies to help speed up THE WORLDS POWER SYSTEMS - use their words--INSTEAD of fighting with things that hurt and even kill any of our global human family. 

I think we can bring about change one person at a time- within ourselves... loving ourselves more and more... ripples out. Visualize and feel inner peace, self-love, and the planet figuring out how to have love, and be more powerful than the war industry's need to make money. 

What is more important than loving ourselves? NOTHING. Except that love creating World Peace. “You may say I'm a dreamer - but I'm Not the Only One”. 

I started having Self-Love and Self-Care Hybrid retreats so that I could remind others and mostly myself- that we are important. We have to practicemagical-wordsloving ourselves. And having others believe that we are important and support us in a safe container---is how we can start that or refresh it. 

Recharging that self-love --however small or non-existent that self-love is--- sometimes we cannot do it alone. 

When My dad had dementia and moved in with my family, I thought I might lose my mind -I needed something to pull me out of the deep end. 

This August 18th- will be my 6th retreat. They keep evolving. This one will be fully virtual with Stephanie Keenan Re and Kirsteen Williamson Re. They are both managing directors 2 chapters of a beloved woman's organization that supports women in a community of uplifting women called the “Polkadot Powerhouse”.  

Each retreat has a goal of helping women and MYSELF- learn and share more tools of ways to grow the love for ourselves- and or maintain it or remember it or to ignite it or water it or SEE IT MAYBE FOR THE FIRST TIME. 

Usually the retreats are 3 or 4 days--- this August 18th- its 3 hours. has the details. It is my intention that more women will attend... so I made it fully free to attend. In Medical Qigong Therapy the 4 keys of changing our physical chemistry / physiology / bio-electromagnetic fields--- are INTENTION, ATTENTION, IMAGINATION & SENSATION. 

I only have room for 64 attendees for this retreat. The Swiss Hybrid Retreat Sept 16th to 23 - is part me reliving my past of singing for 9 years in Europe from 18 to 27 years old- now again at age 56. -Half a life time later... revisiting Zurich where I would sing in the old town and on the shores of Lake Zurich.   

I love the healing views down on Lake Lucerne from our Retreat Villa on the Queen Mountain of the Alps- Mount Rigi is where we will be staying from Sept 17th to 22nd. This hybrid retreat can have 54 virtual attendees and 4 more in person attendees... I am overdue for a trip to Europe. And I am overdue to sing. After having kids, going to school, getting divorced, getting married, doing my research in breast cancer protocols with medicalmagical-wordsqigong over all these years. I am ready to enjoy and share Switzerland with others. 

When I was in Switzerland in the late 1980s and early 1990s- I was in my 20s. I saw the beauty of the mountains, the people, and the beauty of myself in the reflection of nature and my singing. The medical qigong and healing work of Traditional Chinese Medicine all relates to the reflection of nature within our bodies and minds and our spirits. My intention is I can learn and practice loving myself more and more... especially when i get caught up in life moving faster than I care to admit. Slowing down for me has to be forced sometimes---however with these Retreats- I get to do it together with new and old friends and clients. 

May August and September be the best months ever for your self-love, spiritual growth and personal development UP UNTIL NOW (MAGIC WORDS)...............THEN may every month after that keep getting better and better and may you fall more and more in love with yourself. I can feel world peace coming sooner and sooner. And so it is . 

Warm Regards, 

Dr. Amba A.M. Dryg- Tobin 

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