Drop the Unwanted Luggage

author/source: Peg Doyle, M.Ed., CHHC

Peg-Doyle_LuggageDo you remember the days before some brilliant innovator built a suitcase with wheels? I like to do carry-on whenever possible and it means walking through security and down to the gate with my luggage.  I am so grateful for those wheels!   Many were the times in the past when I would arrive at my destination with an aching back or sore shoulders from carrying my bag, but no more thanks to the wheels.

There’s another kind of luggage many women carry with them every day - the luggage of unwanted weight. Excess weight bears down on the body in just the same way luggage does, but there is no relief from it. It is there while sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, even when sleeping.

What would life be like if you shed ten, or twenty, or forty, or sixty pounds of excess weight?  How much extra energy would you have? How much easier would it be to take a walk, carry a child, play a game of golf, or carry groceries up a flight of stairs?  How would your joints feel if you weren’t carrying that extra weight around?

Losing weight may seem difficult, but if you are appreciably overweight, think how hard it is to do what you do every day. Once you visualize a life with less weight you can make a plan to accomplish that goal and I don’t mean by dieting.

How to Start

Peg-Doyle-Losing-WeightLike everything we want to accomplish in life, it takes focus and determination.  It also takes knowledge.  I’ve helped hundreds of women change their food and the most important fact I’ll share with you is this:  do not diet.  Diets are unrealistic and temporary, tying you to the scale and counting calories, or asking you to eat in restrictive ways. Chronically overweight women have all the books - Keto, Paleo, South Beach, Weight Watcher, and more sitting on their bookshelves, showing that none of these bring lasting success. They may get you to lose weight, but as soon as they are over, 85% of dieters gain all the weight back, leaving you frustrated and disappointed. It’s not your fault. The solution can be very simple and less complicated than the diet books make it out to be. 

Here’s what you need to do to be successful:

   1     Eat real food and prepare it yourself as much as possible.

   2     Become conscious of how much you need to be satisfied and stop there.

   3     Eat real meals instead of grazing.

   4     Get your emotions in check by managing your stress. 

   5.    Move every day, and increase your movement a little at a time.

   6     LOVE YOUR BODY!

If you are a former dieter, chances are you’ve said many unkind things to your body. See what happens when you begin to appreciate your body and all it does for you, even when you haven’t given it the best care.

Get-Support to loose that weightGet Support

If you need support and accountability, look at my online program

6 Weeks to Diet Freedom for a comprehensive, manageable program to change your eating for good. You can start when the time is right for you and I will be there for you in the form of coaching calls, downloads and many tools to help you reach your goals.  To better explain what 6 Weeks can do for you, here is a comment from Ann Garrett who recently worked with me:

“Peg Doyle has helped me change my eating habits and the way I understand food. She is a positive and supportive counselor in food and health. She encourages you to eat! It is so refreshing to hear the word DO and not the word DON’T! Her program gives practical ways to overcome poor habits - like eating in front of the TV. I feel healthy and have lost weight while enjoying food again.“

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What will 2019 be like for you?  What kind of “luggage” will you be carrying?  Will you be carrying extra weight on your body that holds you back?  Or will you be pushing a piece of wheeled luggage to new and exciting destinations?  Contact me with questions or read more here




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