Who Is the Modern-Day Woman?

author/source: Julie Grint

She is a mother. A homemaker. A lover. 

She is a sister, a friend, a daughter. 

She is a caretaker, and a caregiver. 

She is a professional, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. 

She is a teacher, a leader, and a role model. 

who-the-modernday-womanOn the outside, the modern-day woman looks like her life is a success as she juggles it all. 

Inside, the modern-day woman is struggling. 

Her body and mind are in conflict, and her health is suffering. 

With no time for herself and low energy, she’s in a constant Catch-22, wasting what little energy she does have on feelings of guilt, any time an opportunity for self-care arises. 

She no longer recognizes her reflection in the mirror and has lost the sense of who she is. 

Going through the motions of life, propped up on caffeine and antidepressants, she is barely existing. 

The modern-day woman longs to look better; to feel healthy; to get back the body that won her partner's heart all those years ago. 

She wants her family to be proud of her. 

She yearns to feel needed in the world. 

She wants to be a success. 

Even though the modern-day woman longs for all of this, why does nothing change? 

Because the modern-day woman only knows the modern-day identity she was given. 

She’s been wired to put others' needs before her own, and to feel ashamed if she should think otherwise. 

She’s been programmed to believe that in order to get what she wants she must sacrifice herself entirely. 

She’s been taught that her body is faulty and as such she doesn’t trust herself. 

She’s been forced to align with a way of life that does not support her natural rhythms and cycles. 

She’s been sold on stress as a measure of her success, and brainwashed to believe that stopping isn’t an option. 

who-the-modernday-womanThis is the modern-day woman created by the Frankenstein of modern-day society. 

The ones who put her in a box; who fed her stories that she was not good enough; who made her believe her body was her enemy; who lied to her about her ability to heal and be whole. 

Can you relate to the modern-day woman? 

So, many of us are going through life being all things to all people, and nothing for ourselves. I know, because that's how I spent a large portion of my life until I decided I just couldn't live that way any longer. 

I knew there was more available to me. I knew my depression and stress were not normal and I knew that inside there was a woman screaming to be seen and heard. 

So, I took off the mask, I chose to no longer comply with what didn't feel right and instead, I listened to my inner self. 

I leaned into my feelings, not away. 

I surrendered to the call to slow down, not speed up. 

I let go, instead of clinging to control. 

I aligned with my body's natural cycles, instead of fighting against myself. 

I did all the things I was taught NOT TO DO and it paid off!  

I became more calm, confident, and in control than ever. 

I became medication free. I gained more energy. My relationship with my body strengthened and my connection with my intuition deepened. 

What's good about all this? 

Well, instead of fighting against the current, forcing myself to show up when I didn't have the energy, and burning myself out, I got to align my life with my needs and thus create more ease and flow. 

Life isn't supposed to be stressful. So, if yours is, ask yourself this: 

who-the-modernday-womanWhat am I resisting? 

Inside of you, day in and day out, you are subject to a multitude of thoughts and feelings. 

Instead of allowing those thoughts and feelings to surface you stuff them down. You try to avoid them or numb them.  


Every time you resist you teach yourself to no longer feel, no longer trust, and you disconnect from your body further and further. 

No wonder your hormones have gone wild with all that stress in your system.  

Today, I invite you to do the opposite. 

I invite you to slow down. Surrender to your feelings. Allow the thoughts to surface. To express your emotions. To stop pouring supplements and meds in your mouth to numb a symptom.  

Today, I invite you to experience what it is like to simply be YOU

If you can achieve this today my friend, you will be well on your way to becoming more and more of who you truly are. 

As always, if you'd like some guidance and support to get more in tune with your body to create the self-care success you need to be the woman you are destined to be, come join the Way of the Radiant Woman. 

It's the most beautiful space, that takes you on a magical journey, giving you the tools to align with your unique body, so you get to navigate life with more calm, confidence and energy that empowers you to create the health, business, relationship, life success you desire, and all by simply using what is naturally yours. 

Drop me a line and let me know how you get on leaning into that resistance. 


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