The Waning Moon

author/source: Julie Grint

Photo of Julie GrintHi, Julie here, with a gentle reminder that it's not really the start of the new year! SAY WHAT? Yep. So you can take the pressure off those shoulders of yours and relax for a bit.

That's not to say there isn't work to be done, but that doesn’t involve the outward jump-into-action type of work. Instead, your focus is required on the work of the "inner" kind.

You see, it’s still winter, and just as Mother Nature is doing right now, inner work is key for this time of year, especially if you want your goals, creations, intentions, and resolutions to manifest into greatness.

When you look outside there are barely any signs of life. Nature isn’t expending energy trying to grow new leaves on the trees, she’ll do that in spring. She’s diverted all her attention to what’s occurring below the surface. She’s tending to her roots - that’s the secret to her success!

That’s the secret to your success too, and I want to share with you exactly how you can make this new year a success more so than ever before.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Burden on UnsplashSecret 1

Embrace the energy of winter

You are not separate from nature. You ARE nature and just as it’s winter outside you have your own winter occurring inside. When you tap into the qualities of this inner season you can support yourself and create the most solid, stable, and healthy foundation for any seeds you plant moving forward to take root and flourish.

When I’m starting something new I always embrace the energy of winter. When I’m working with clients this is the place we start too. We have to strengthen our roots, nurture ourselves, decide that our self-care is the most fundamental aspect of our success, and then permit ourselves to take action. By action I mean slow down, soften, surrender, be still, and allow your inner voice to rise from deep within you. Inner Winter is about birthing a new you.

Even though you have to go back to work, you can still bring winter into everything you do:

  • Move like winter! Breathe deeply and slow down
  • Nourish your body with hydrating and warming foods
  • Harness your intuition through daily meditation
  • Support your nervous system and the water element within you via facial reflexology
  • Keep warm
  • Increase your self-care.

Photo Courtesy of Mark TegethoffSecret 2

Align with the moon cycles

Working with the moon changed my life. It has become an integral part of my life that supports me on every level - my physical health, relationships, emotions, lifestyle, business, the whole shebang!

To me, the moon is the ultimate Self-Love tool!

It’s like having an accountability buddy to keep you on track, focused, aligned, and moving forward, even when you’re resting.

When you work with the moon it doesn’t feel like work at all, and when you honor the moon you are actually honoring yourself.

Waining Moon by Luke StackpooleYou learn to give yourself the time you need to rest, to move, to express yourself, to create, to slow down, to expand your mind, to nourish your body with the right foods, and the right actions, at the right time, empowering you to create success in a way that is unique to you. You learn to allow your mind, body, emotions, and life to ebb and flow just like the moon, no longer pushing against what doesn't feel natural and, instead, gaining more traction with more ease, always moving forward, always succeeding. And even if you don’t quite reach a specific goal, or get the desired outcome you were striving for, there’s no going backward, because another cycle begins and you get to start again, building, growing, learning, transforming, becoming more, and more and more and more.

The moon is always there to guide you, and if you look at the moon right now you'll see we’re exactly at the 3rd Quarter - she is WANING!

The waning moon is not the time to start a new year, but the time to get prepared for a new year. What that means is it’s time to SLOW DOWN.

This 3rd quarter is the time when you transition from autumn into winter. Where you lessen the load on the outside to begin your journey inside. That means: completing tasks, letting go, and making space.

To help you make the most of this time now to amplify your self-care and create the foundation for your new year's success, then download my free Waning Moon Journal guidebook. Scroll down and click on the image at the bottom.

Secret 3

Start your new year when YOU decide

As I said, January 1st is not the true start of the new year. Our transition into what is now 2024 is the creation of the Gregorian calendar, which is aligned with the sun - the solar calendar. Before the Gregorian calendar, March 25th and December 25th were common New Year’s Days. Even today there are still many traditions and religions that use the moon as their compass and celebrate new years at entirely different times of the year.

For example: Samhain (Halloween) in October is known as the Witches New Year. Jewish New Year is celebrated in September and the Chinese New Year, which uses their “lunisolar” calendar, will fall on the new moon in February this year.

What if, instead of following the crowd, you got to start your new year at a time and day that suited your unique rhythms, cycles, and life?

Well, you can!

By creating your own Lunar Calendar, not only do you gain a whole new perspective on your year, but you also create more opportunities for new beginnings, every single lunar cycle. It’s like celebrating the new year every month. Now that is life-changing!

It means no more having to squeeze yourself into a box that doesn’t fit, and push against the tide, instead, you get to align life with you, and ride the wave! do you create a Lunar Calendar?

This week the New Moon will be here and this is your opportunity to start your new year like never before.

On the 11th my dear friend Peter Lancett and I will be showing you exactly how to create your own Lunar Calendar and share practical tools, so you can change the way you do life.

So, if you're ready to shift your perspective on life, break free from the status quo, learn to love and utilize all of the seasons, AND LOVE YOURSELF then this workshop is for you.

Registration is just £21, and you can sign up HERE

We have friends from all over the world joining, and so we are running it twice, once at 7 am and again at 7 pm UK time, both live and both with the transformative energy of the beautiful New Moon, on Thursday, 11th, January 2024. We'd love to see you there.

Happy New Beginnings!

Don't forget to download your free Waning Moon Booklet so you can get prepared! Just click the image above.