The Ultimate Love Experience

author/source: Géraldine Blamèble

the-ultimate-love-experienceSomeday, we all experience, an event, a trial that turns our life upside down. This event is a turning point in life and allows us to become self-aware of our shadow as well as of our light. This event makes us grow in the blink of an eye. In 2022, I had the ultimate LOVE experience. It was beautiful and ma-gi-cal. 

It happened when I least expected it, at the best time for my personal growth. Like most people, I thought I knew everything about love. I imagined it as being this sometimes mawkish and syrupy-sweet feeling that one can feel for an individual or an object. This vision of love is so well relayed by the media that we come to germinate the certainty that it is a feeling that makes you crazy or happy. Like many, I thought more about passion, romance, family ties. But at the end, what is really love? 

I discovered that this was the purest and most transformative energy available to all. Yes a warm energy full of compassion and openness. I would have thought it was a feeling that comes and goes with the ups and downs of life. But no, it is indeed a transforming energy of consciousness! From fear, I chose love in spite of myself. It began with a deep emotion of joy for myself. I was in jubilation and love with myself, in verticality with my identity without fear of judgment, as in childhood when I was not yet perverted by society's rules. I rediscovered my body, which I suddenly found attractive and appealing. My inner voice was no longer whispering in my ear, it was literally pulling me by the hand and telling me exactly what was right for my well-being. I discovered another version of the couple and of the love relationship in total fluidity and of letting go. I felt connected to all of humanity. I made decisions that were bold and risky but so aligned with the person I am. I chose love and realized that all these years it was fear that was ruling me. 

the-ultimate-love-experienceThe pernicious side of this state of being made me fall into deep turmoil. All my certainties exploded. This deconstruction, so salutary for me, was the beginning of the mourning of my previous life. Mourning plunged me into a feeling of incomprehension and questioning. It was the mind and the ego, still nostalgic of a past life, that expressed themselves. 

Beware, going from fear to love is neither easy nor a succession of experiences that leave you blissful and unconscious. It is a decision to be guided by your heart, to live in a factual tale and not an imaginary fairy tale. It requires you to work on the here and now while taking action for your future and your verticality. 

At the dawn of the new year 2023, here is my wish for you. May you navigate on the road to verticality, connected to universal love. When many wish you health, (romantic) love, money, and success, welcome all of it but keep in mind that the most beautiful gift that life has to offer is the love that connects you to your own humanity and the success that resembles you. 


Géraldine Blamèble is a Certified Coach, Author & Consultant in Management and Organization.

the-ultimate-love-experienceBorn in Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean, Géraldine has lived in Paris for 24 years. She’s passionate about Human Sciences and lives by Feng Shui, medicinal plants, and whole food.

Géraldine assists women and men to become the best version of themselves and helps companies improve their workplace experience, as well as organizational behavior and performance.

Photo credit: Géraldine Blamèble @geraldine2b ; on @Pexels : @Pixabay