Family Fun Time - 4 Creative and Engaging Activites for All Ages

author/source: Suzanne Carey

Photo Courtesy of SofatutorAs a parent, you know all too well how important family time is. One minute, you’re a parent to small children wondering when they’ll run out of energy and the next, you have teenagers that are more interested in their social life. Whether your family is big or small, young or old, there are lots of ways you can get some valuable family time that everyone will enjoy. So, let’s look at how you can achieve that.

Get outdoors

Being outside is great for the mind, body, and soul, and it can be great for your family too. Why not go hiking together? It’s a great way to get some exercise while also enjoying the great outdoors. If you have young children, you can make it educational by asking them to identify different types of trees or animals you see along the way. If you have teenagers, why not challenge them to take creative photos along the way and share them with your family later on?

 Photo Courtesy of Juliane Liebermann

Alternatively, if hiking really isn’t your family’s kind of scene, you could choose to do sports instead. Grab a football or a frisbee and head to your local park. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the sport! It’s about getting active and having some real fun as a family. Plus, a little bit of friendly competition never did anyone any harm.

Get creative

Doing activities as a family doesn’t always have to mean being outside. It could be sitting together and doing some arts and crafts, or you might choose to cook tonight’s main meal together. Why not choose a recipe that everyone can get involved with? Have younger children do simple tasks like washing vegetables, and use this time to teach your older children valuable cooking skills. At the end of it, you’ll all enjoy a meal that you’ve created together, which will make it much more satisfying.

Photo Courtesy of Hillary UngsonCreate indoor fun days

There are lots of things you can do inside if it’s raining all day, and you need to occupy yourselves. If you’re not feeling particularly active, why not get everyone to drag their duvets into the living room and have a movie day? Grab some popcorn and your favorite drinks and take turns choosing what movie to watch next.

If you’re feeling like you need to burn off some energy, you could play games together as a family. There are lots of fun group games that you could try, from board games to something a little more active like Twister, you’ll all be able to have a laugh and take part as a family.

Learn together

Finally, while learning might be the last thing on your children’s minds, why not learn together as a family? There are plenty of activities you could do like visiting museums or historical sites that can be fun for the whole family. Another bonus? Your children will be learning without even realizing it!