What is Your Family Story?

author/source: Mckenna Saady

Photo Courtesy of DICSON✏️ Whenever we have some downtime together, my kids LOVE asking me for “funny kid stories” — silly memories from my childhood, mostly featuring their uncle and grandparents. It’s become one of our favorite traditions (and gives us lots of inside jokes at family gatherings 😂😉)! Plus, I just learned that it actually builds kids’ literacy skills, too! 📚✏️ 
Try out these 3 storytelling prompts the next time you have some downtime together!
Photo Courtesy of Nathan Dumlao1️⃣ Have your child choose an old family photo that’s hanging on the wall or in an album, and then tell the story behind the picture! If you don’t know it, tell one of your favorite stories about the people in the photo. 📸
2️⃣ 🗯 Think about the personality traits that run in your family (adventurous, courageous, cautious, hard-working, etc.) and tell stories that give specific examples of that trait in action — like the time their brave Auntie saved a kitten from a tall tree. Details like that really create a feeling of connection and bring ancestors to life for kids!
3️⃣ Role reversal! 🔄 It’s your kid’s turn to tell their own story. What’s a favorite memory of theirs, or something funny that’s happened to them? This is a great opportunity for them to hone their own storytelling skills and create new memories for your family!
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I hope these prompts generate some memorable stories for your family. Storytelling is an important skill for developing kids’ creativity and literacy — AND it strengthens your family’s relationships, which is such a nice bonus! 😊💕 


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