Why is Customer Engagement So Difficult?

author/source: Stephanie Fallow

Photo Courtesy of Pexels License CC0When you are working at becoming an entrepreneur you can certainly put the business components in place but easily neglect some of the fundamentals that bring tangible results. Customer engagement is one such example. It can be challenging for several reasons, but as long as we understand these challenges and learn to implement the most appropriate strategies, we can invariably improve our business. But why is customer engagement so difficult? Here are some reasons why and what you can do to fix them:

Information Overload

We can all experience bombardment through numerous products, services, and information from different sources. Therefore, it could be a major challenge to capture anybody's attention. The solution here is to provide unique value to customers and create personalized experiences. There are so many different methods in marketing that can help to build this bridge and agencies like Armory Digital Marketing that can give you the support to thrive in a sea of competition. By tailoring your messaging, you are meeting specific needs and preferences.

Short Attention Spans

Because we all experience the constant stream of information and distractions, we are all prone to doom scrolling and not taking in the information that is right in front of us. One way to bypass this is to create compelling and concise content. Grabbing someone's interest is one thing; then we need to maintain the interest according to their attention span. This will depend on several different elements, for example, their demographic. Engaging the appropriate demographic constitutes several different practices, such as the proper social media channel, but also whether to incorporate interactive elements, visual formats, or stick to good old-fashioned storytelling.

Photo Courtesy of arantxa-aniorte at UnsplashLack of Personalization

A customer needs an experience that is unique to them. The problem lies when the content they are viewing has no relevance to them at all. To offset this, we can leverage data-driven decision-making and personalized interactions through tools such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. When we work with data and technology in tandem, we can tailor recommendations and communicate with people based on individual preferences and their behaviors.

Customer Fatigue

A customer is more likely to disengage or unsubscribe these days because of excessive marketing messages or promotions. It becomes vital to get the balance right between offering value and promoting. Delivering the messages at the right times is as important as what you deliver.

A Lack of Trust

If there is one major hurdle in business these days, it's that building trust is complex in an age where every company is questioned on its validity and ethos. The simple solution to this is to be transparent and honest. Delivering what you promise, prioritizing the customer, and taking the relevant steps to ensure that you are building credibility, not just in the short term, but the long term will ensure you find the right customers, not just those who buy a product and then disappear.

Customer engagement can be challenging due to several factors, but if you want to improve your success, you need to regularly assess your strategies and ensure that you take heed of the most common reasons people disengage.