Two Types of Storage to Help You During a Move

author/source: William Coleman

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash and Joshua ColemanYou’re moving house and everything is all over the place. There are so many things to pack, yet you’re unable to bring them all to your new home just yet. Perhaps you’re staying in a temporary home while your new one is being prepared - or maybe you haven’t found a new house yet and are staying with your parents.

Regardless of your situation, you have lots of belongings and not enough space for them. Sure, you can throw some stuff away - which will help you declutter - but what if you need to keep most of the stuff? In scenarios like this, the obvious solution is to look for storage services. They let you store items in containers until you need them, but which solution is the best for you?

Generally, there are two you’ll come across, so let’s compare them both to see how they differ:


This is a traditional storage solution where a company has loads of storage lockers or containers in a facility. You pack things in your car or a rental van and take them to the self-storage place. The provider takes you to your unit and you can unload everything and organize the space.

Then, when you need to get the stuff, you return and reverse the process. It’s super simple - and some providers even come to your house and take the stuff for you.

Self-storage is highly affordable and has the benefit of giving you many options. You can choose from a small locker to a unit the size of your living room. It means you’re able to store just about all of your belongings, including large items of furniture.

two-types-storage-help-you-during-movePortable Storage

Less traditional, but more convenient than self-storage. Companies like SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. have started providing a service known as portable storage. Here, the concept is that a portable storage container is delivered to your home, where you pack your things into it. The company then takes it away to a storage facility, and you contact them when you need your things again.

From here, they deliver the portable unit to your new location where everything can be unloaded. It’s way more convenient because you don’t need to pay for vans or removal trucks - nor will you need to drive down and load/unload your car. It all happens on your doorstep, which makes moving way easier.

Which Option Should You Choose?

Honestly, it depends on your move! If you’re moving into a smaller home for a few months or years and only have a small amount of stuff that won’t fit, portable storage is a better solution.

On the other hand, when you have loads of furniture or bigger items to move, self-storage tends to come out on top.

Both solutions are useful and come at different price points depending on how much storage you need and how long you’ll keep things in storage. So, weigh up both ideas and get quotes from different companies before making your decision. At the end of the day, storage solutions help you remove a lot of anxiety when moving house - particularly when you’ve got loads of extra stuff that needs to be kept safe. Keep these items in storage until you move to a bigger place that can accommodate them!