Shift Happens

author/source: Dr. Amba Dryg - Tobin

Photo Courtesy of Camila Quintero FrancoI always say, “EVERY CHALLENGE IS A GIFT TO GROW AND EVOLVE.” One key word is “Challenge”. Not a “Problem”. I received one of these “Gift’s”….. a concussion last Friday.

It has been a week and a cat scan later and I still have a sensation of my skull’s nerves and the muscles are not quite sure what the heck happened and are still reacting with swelling and pain. Does anyone remember what pain means? It means stagnation, that energy or Qi cannot smoothly move through an area as it normally does with grace and ease. This is why general health Qigong or Chi Gong and sometimes prescription Qigong exercises and meditations are vitally important. Who wants to be in any kind of pain?

One Retreat Prompts for Break Out Rooms is to MAKE 6 BIG SQUARES ON YOUR DRAWING PAGE OR JOURNAL…. and we talk about it before and after my Positive Self-Talk Lesson.

  1. Put at top of one box JOY
  2. 2nd Box put at top ANTICIPATION
  3. 3rd Box put at top GRATITUDE
  4. 4th Box put at top APPRECIATION
  5. 5th Box put at top OPENNESS
  6. 6th Box put at top RECEPTIVITY You will GET to learn more with Replays, or by coming to the rest of the retreat —-One thing- is to do some modern or any kind of art in the box and/or a bit or a lot of journaling on what those mean to you.—-note - 3. and 4. are not the same but similar

My Positive Self-Talk Lessons came into play after not being able to Drive safely, use a computer, or sit up without extreme pain after hitting my head on the Smith Machine Weight rack. Just saying it makes my head hurt. Sometimes, reliving things makes the pain come back. That is one reason I am not a huge fan of some kinds of talk therapy. One thing we can choose to do, or not—-is to honor our emotions and let them go in healthy ways. Recycle and transmute them through mother earth.

Photo Courtesy of UnsplashedThat Grow and Evolve part of my, EVERY CHALLENGE IS A GIFT TO GROW AND EVOLVE comes from that transmuted energy that mother earth allows us to take as then FERTILIZER for growth.

One teacher said something to the effect of, “ITS A CHOICE WEAR YOUR POOP ON YOUR FACE” - I know it's a practice, but we can choose to let the challenging things be our teacher. We can be receptive to the lessons or keep getting poop on our faces until we learn what we are being gifted to learn.

I got Covid, I got HIT on the HEAD. I think for me and many of us—-we get messages to slow down. Get some self-love practices going. Be still more. Be in community with self and or others celebrating ourselves. That’s for me - taking fewer clients. Hosting Retreats. Taking more time from my schedule for me. To Do Nothing. Walk in Nature. Meditate and Practice what I preach. DANCE, SING, SING, SING.

Movement helps Qi flow. Qigong or Dance or Yoga. Mindset and Positive Self-Talk also help mental pain go. GREAT PRESENTATION by Jeannette Gaiter - that you really want to hear- from yesterday COMING OUT OF THE SHADOWS. Get it on the Replay of our in-progress RETREAT……writing this at 5 am before Sunrise.

shift-happensDr. Amba Tobin DMQ-China

Dr. Amba is fortunate to have graduated in the last Doctoral class under the guidance of Abbot Sifu Professor Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson the founder of the International Institute of Medical QiGong and Senior Abbot at Tian Yun Gong (Temple of the Celestial Cloud) Daoist Monastery, in Monterey, California.

She also studied child development, psychology, medical sciences, and holistic health at several colleges and universities including San Francisco State University. As well as Chinese medical theory, acupuncture from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California

She also is a 400-hour plus- Certified Yoga Teacher from Green Path Yoga and The Bhramanada Ashram also known as the Yoga Society of San Francisco, where she studied the Sanskrit language and Vedic and Yoga philosophy with Dr. Ram Karan Sharma and the teachings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati Udasina (Ramamurti S. Mishra, MD). And has a second yoga certification from Integral Awakening Yoga
Dr. Amba is also a Level 3 Qigong Instructor and Workshop Facilitator of Sacred Geometry and Food Based Healing with the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation based in Florida. Within the Foundation is where she also studied with Wim Hof in Tummo Meditation, which later he renamed "the Wim Hoff Method".

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