Lingerie and Swimwear Designer turned Sexologist

author/source: Beverly Perryman

Beverly Perryman StoryI amBold, Interesting, Bright, Fun-loving, Articulate, with a multi-faceted personality. At first glance, one would look at me and see a quiet and introspective demeanor, and yet on occasion, I can be quite exuberant. I am confident, yet approachable and down to earth.

You might say Wow what a life, (Buzzer) I never thought I would ever describe myself as such see, I came from a very disempowered and shut-down place around my sexuality and femininity, where being taught Nothing about sex, was sex education. The mere thought of Sexual conversation was taboo, shameful. While writing this all my childhood memories are giving me brain~waves, I remember when I had my first menstrual cycle, I had no clue what it was or what to do, I believed I got hurt from being a tomboy, only to find out I was coming into my womanhood.

After this first incident, things didn’t change much. I was given a pad and told how to keep clean and now don’t allow boys to touch me…. sex education 101.  Throughout my life, I was extremely introverted which lasted up until my late, late forties. So, what changed? When we talk about triggers, it’s mostly associated with a negative response, for me it was fireworks. I walked into my OBGYN’s office one day and she had a big sign that said, “don’t wear thongs” along with a photo of one. As I’m thinking to myself why they’re cute little floss panties, therefore I asked why she replied: “they’re unsanitary and cause infections”. With that I became a designer; I tell you I designed the cutest sanitary panties, made to promote healthiness as well as sexiness. I sold a few thousand and then started designing swimwear, and as if that was not enough one of my friends introduced me to the sex toy industry, and that’s where my transformation began. I ponder that for a while, remember I am that introverted girl, who before only heard the term adult toys.

Beverly Perryman SwimwearIn 2012 I started my journey as A Bedroom Kandi Consultant, Oh My God, it was so difficult coming from the sheltered place trying to hold up a piece of sexual apparatus and telling women where to put it, though they were thrilled I felt truly embarrassed. After doing hundreds of BK parties I eventually became comfortable and listening to the countless stories women told about their suppressed sexuality, married as well as single, some who sounded just like me only they didn’t know it, I had become their expert. Those cries gave me the vision to further my knowledge and be able to empower my clients, I was determined that my clients deserved more than how to use a toy. I started researching sex education, and came across the terminology Sexologist, I read the description, and the duties, and suddenly I said that’s me. Being a Sexuality Empowerment Expert was not my goal, but it was in my path and I took the chance, despite what we’ve learned or didn’t every woman needs to come into her sexuality without judgment. While it seems like a very uncomfortable subject, we need to have that conversation.

Now that I have earned my Certification as a Sexologist, I help

  1. Women who need a confidant ~ They are looking for unyielding support from an unbiased person who is trustworthy and committed to seeing them attain sexual success.
  2. Women who want to overcome the shame about sexuality
  1. Women who want to revive their sex life
  1. Where one of the partners is sexually frustrated
  1. Women who have an unfulfilled desire to have great sex.
  2. Women, who want permission to engage in and/or validation for sexual desires and/or sexual issues

 SexologistI also help

  • Deepen passion and intimacy
  • Strengthen communication skills or resolve communication issues with the help of a relationship coach
  • Rejuvenate a sex life that feels routine or boring with marital aids, male/female toys
  • Emotionally and sexually thrive
  • When Pornography is interfering in the relationship
  •  Infidelity, being in an affair, texting or sexing others  

 I can help with all these things with the knowledge I’ve acquired through lessons and case studies,

Before all of this, I felt robbed of my sexuality. The sexual relationships I had… Now I am empowered to help other women overcome the stigma and shame surrounding their Sexuality. We are powerful, we are Queens.

My philosophy is to live well, always put God first, then Family, Love, and Laugh often. Life is short so Relish It! ILove My Life, helping women come into their Sexuality. The Enlighten Awaking. Building Relationships is my Passion.

 Beverly Perryman DegreeBio: THE SEXOLOGIST (Sexuality Expert)

Beverly Perryman aka,  "SpiceIslandGirl"

lingerie-and-swimwear-designer-turned-sexologistAs A Certified Sexologist/Sexuality Coach, I have acquired the Expertise in Adult Sexuality to help you Spice Up your Relationship. I am proficient in Affair Crisis and developing an action plan.

As a Sexuality Expert, my mission is to help you come into your Sexuality while providing a Shame Free, Adult Sex Education/Coaching environment. What I am is: committed to having you discover and create the sex life you want through guided questions, suggestions and exercises. As your Sexuality Expert, I am committed to your Total confidentially. I will be honest when I don’t know the answer to your question; I will do my research to make sure I get you the most accurate information.

Who and/or what inspires and motivates Me?  I am a self-motivator however, what inspires me, is when I see the progress in my clients, and they say to me "Damn you're good".

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