How Hair Health Affects Your Self-Image

author/source: Brittany Cotton

The reason people tend to worry about their hair is because it's a reflection of our inner and outer beauty. For some, a bad hair day can make ushow-hair-health-affects-your-selfimagefeel unattractive and self-conscious. And when we're too busy worrying about what our hair looks like, it's natural to forget about the other aspects of ourselves that need special attention - such as the health of our skin or the state of our teeth.

The good news is that you can improve how you feel about yourself - inside and out - whether it's a bad hair day or not. Your head can be one of the first places where you notice any changes in your physical appearance. That's why there's no better time to treat yourself to some nice head-to-toe self-care. 

Ways to boost your self-image Through your hair

1. Relax and enjoy your hair 

One of the first steps in improving your self-image is taking time for yourself. One way to do that is to get ready for bed at night and let yourself relax. Ways you might do this include having a hot bath or shower, soaking in a bubble bath and snuggling up with a favorite book. These activities will help you unwind and prepare your mind for sleep. If you take care of yourself, you can avoid feeling stressed during the day and dealing with negative thoughts about your appearance - not good! 

2. Take vitamins and zinc supplements 

A lot of evidence suggests that taking good care of yourself goes hand-in-hand with feeling good about yourself. And you can do plenty of things to ensure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of all your body's systems.

Taking at-home beauty products can be hard for those who have difficulty caring for themselves. How you cleanse and condition, your hair or body is important for personal and professional reasons.

3. Have a spa day 

Spa days are great for the body and mind at the same time. A day at the spa includes a relaxing massage, bathing in a hot tub or getting ahow-hair-health-affects-your-selfimagemanicure and pedicure. For many people, this is the ultimate way to rejuvenate and eliminate stress accumulating throughout the day. It's also good for your skin because it makes your pores work overtime and removes dead skin cells.

 4. Take good care of your skin 

Taking good care of your skin is something you do for yourself, but it's also an important part of staying healthy and fit. The best way to take care of your face is to moisturize, exfoliate and tone your skin. It's important to use a moisturizer suitable for your body type. Some people find that there are moisturizers with several different textures - some with a thicker consistency, some with a lighter consistency or one with both. If you have sensitive skin, you should try one that has a very light texture.

How to find time to take care of yourself even with a busy schedule

1. Plan and schedule your beauty time 

If you don't plan, you'll probably be tired and stressed when it's time to relax and do something nice for yourself. Using a schedule where you fix a specific time each day to care for yourself helps avoid this problem. Whether going to the spa or taking a bubble bath at home, stick to the times that feel right for you. Most people find that having a regular beauty routine helps keep them on track with taking care of themselves, making it easier to stick with the program whether they have a hectic work or school schedule.

2. Get your beauty glow on 

Beauty comes with many perks - you can feel good about the way you look, get more attention from people who notice your positive appearance, and make you feel happier as well. It's also easy to do for yourself. By incorporating a beauty routine into your daily life, even if it's just for five minutes or so a few times per week, you'll soon find that it makes you feel more confident about yourself and what you can do in your personal and professional life.


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