Health Benefits of Travel and Vacations 

author/source: Brittany Cotton

Photo Courtesy of Tron LeWhenever you travel, you spend a lot of time in a new place, which gives your brain time to explore new things and make memories. Most people intrinsically enjoy spending time exploring different places and experiencing new cultures. And many people also realize that traveling has significant health benefits. Vacations have proven their worth, from reducing the risk of developing chronic illnesses to prolonging our life expectancy. Let's look at how vacations can improve our physical and mental health. 

1. Improve Heart Health 

One of the best ways to improve our heart health is to exercise regularly. However, moving from place to place as we travel can be very difficult for people who have been sedentary all their lives. Fortunately, although it may be hard initially, it isn't impossible. You can still see your vacation as a way to exercise and improve your heart health. If you are scared of physical activities, you can start by walking around a city that interests you. When you travel, you can walk around the places that interest you. You can also go bike riding to improve your heart health. 

Photo Courtesy of Chen Mizrach2. Boost Brains 

Traveling to interesting places can enhance your brain. Spending time in a new place makes you more creative, and different life events can broaden your perspective. For example, people who study abroad before graduating from college tend to have better grades than their peers who don't travel during their college years. The intellectually stimulating environment of the student hostel can help improve memory and mental focus. You can also boost your brain by learning a new language while you travel. 

3. Increase Mindfulness 

Photo Courtesy of Rafael CisnerosBeing mindful can help reduce stress and increase our happiness. When we travel, we have fewer distractions from our daily life. We can enjoy an area's beauty instead of focusing on other activities. Mindfulness is a technique that allows us to be in the moment and appreciate what surrounds us while not being overly focused on everything else. While traveling, you can start by noticing what you previously overlooked, such as small details or eye contact people make with each other. You can also practice mindfulness by observing the people you meet and what you see. 

4. Reduce Stress 

When we travel, we are constantly exposed to new sights and experiences. And before you know it, you will have forgotten all your stress concerns. You can use finding that perfect tourist spot to reduce anxiety. It has been shown that people who take up photography as a hobby can reduce their anxiety levels. Alternatively, you can visit your favorite places and revisit memories from the past. Doing this allows you to enjoy the things that brought you joy when you were younger but also helps take your mind off other stressful thoughts and concerns. 

Photo by Charbel Aoun5. Lift Moods 

Going on a vacation can brighten your mood and give you a better frame of mind. This can also help improve your relationships with family and friends. Vacations can help you realize that other things in life are more important than the job you feel stuck in or the relationship that is not quite working for you. It's healthy to realize there's more to the world than we see daily. Springtime is around the corner, so the Oak Haven Resort is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. The Great Smoky Mountains are a haven for hikers and nature lovers. Their picturesque mountains and rustic accommodations are the perfect way to spend time with your family in the spring. 

As you can see, there are many ways that traveling can benefit you physically and mentally. It's important to remember that traveling only works for some. It's important to evaluate the opportunities in your life before deciding to take a vacation or pursue travel itself. You can also set healthy limits by planning your schedule, packing healthy snacks, and exercising as much as possible. 

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