How to Cope with a Life Threatening Condition

author/source: Hershal O'Connor

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Dumlao on UnsplashLearning that you have a serious health condition can come as a shock. Perhaps you’ve lived with this condition for a long time or you’re suddenly finding out, out of the blue. Whatever your circumstances, living with a life-threatening condition will change a lot of things.

Life-threatening conditions can include diabetes, heart disease, liver failure, cancer, and more. Learning to cope with everyday life will take some time but here are some tips that could help.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

It’s normal to go through a range of different emotions when you find out about a new condition. Some people start off in disbelief and denial before they accept the situation. You may feel low, depressed, or anxious as you learn more about your condition.

Allow yourself to feel these emotions as you begin to process. Give yourself time to adjust to what you’ve been told and be kind to yourself as you go through this journey.

Talk About It

Living with a life-threatening condition can be just as tough for your loved ones to accept. They may be at a loss on how to help you and find themselves doing or saying the wrong things. You may want to protect them by putting on a brave face and staying positive but that doesn’t always work.

Be honest about your feelings and what kind of help you need. Support from family and friends during this time will be vital. If you don’t have anyone around you to talk to, ask your doctor to refer you to a counselor.

Photo Courtesy of Ben HersheyTake Action

You may have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition but that doesn’t mean you have no control. You can still choose to put your health first and do everything within your power to live well. Some people turn to Expanded Access to try experimental medicine.

Experimental medicine is being trialed to treat health conditions but doesn’t have FDA approval yet. Taking part in clinical trials could ensure that other people with the same condition get the treatment they need in the future.

Laugh A Lot

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. You’re entitled to still enjoy your life and you should do it to the fullest. Spend time with people who make you feel good and engage in activities that you love.

You can still go out and meet new people, join new groups, and travel if you’re able to. As long as you continue to get the treatment that you need, nothing should stop you from enjoying yourself.

Show Up to All Appointments

There may be days when you wake up and the last thing you feel like doing is attending a doctor's appointment. Your health professionals want the best for you, but they can’t give you the best if you don’t play your part. Make sure to attend all of your doctors’ appointments to look after your health properly.

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