Areas to Upgrade Your Thinking

author/source: Caterina Rando

Photo Courtesy of Diego PH @jdiegophAs women in business, we typically think about what we need to DO to get ahead. Today, however, I want to discuss another important aspect - your THINKING 

I want you to ask yourself, "Am I thinking like a CEO? Am I thinking like a woman who wants to expand her Fempire? Am I thinking like a woman who wants to have a massive impact through her business?" 

Or are you thinking like someone who just wants to make enough to cover you and your bills? This kind of thinking will not have you blissing in your business. 

Think about running your business like the business you want it to become in the future. Here are a few areas to upgrade your thinking and move you where you want to go better and faster:

1. Take time every day for thinking and planning. This is a daily success practice. Every day take time to review your goals, review what the next week has in store, review what projects you need to be working on, and review if there is anything missing you need to complete your tasks. This supports you in being proactive rather than reactive in your business when you are clear on where to put your attention now and throughout the week to get the results you want.

2. Become a master at communicating acknowledgment. One of the most important communication skills to focus on mastering is acknowledgment. Make sure you’re taking time each week to acknowledge your team, your vendors, your clients, and the people in your whole life. When acknowledging others, be sure to mention not just what they did, but also mention the way they were doing it - with intention, with enthusiasm, with kindness, etc.  Most importantly, be sure to share how what happened impacted you.

Photo Courtesy of Priscilla du preez3. Make sure you are strategically planning projects and meeting your deadlines. Many projects in your business are interconnected, meaning certain things have to be completed before other tasks can start. When planning projects be sure to have deadlines for all the smaller milestones. What people often miss is blocking out time on their calendar to complete those tasks in advance of the deadlines. Also, as you are planning ask yourself, "is this my job, or can someone else do this?" The more you delegate the more you are freed up to do what only you can do, in addition to strategy, speaking, selling, self-care, and serving your clients.

Implement these guiding principles and you will be more effective in many ways and enjoy more revenue and bliss in your business! 



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Caterina RandoAbout Caterina Rando

Caterina Rando is on a mission to teach, mentor, and support women to be themselves, do their thing, serve their people, and massively monetize their mastery. She shows women entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to make their businesses thrive. Her clients grow, shine, expand, open themselves up to new possibilities, and take their businesses further than ever before. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community, and providing massive value while uplifting others. She is a sought-after-speaker, event producer, and author. Her latest book is the ABCs of Public Speaking. Her book, Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing is published in over thirteen countries and several languages.

Caterina is the founder of The Thriving Women in Business Giving Community. This group of big-hearted women raises money for women and girls' education and entrepreneurship training. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy or retired before they can embrace philanthropy. This is the clear message in the Women’s Giving Circle Guide, a book she co-authored with C.J. Hayden.

Caterina is also the founder of the Thriving Women in Business Center, located in San Francisco. This is an attractive and warm place for women to come and do their workshops. Caterina's plan is to open more centers throughout northern California. Caterina is recognized for her special way of infusing business with making a difference. She has received the Extraordinary Woman Award from Developing Alliances. The American Businesswomen Association bestowed on her the Woman of Distinction Award and she has also received the Limitless Woman Award from the Limitless Woman Conference.