7 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Comfort

author/source: Adele North

To enjoy winter in style, you must embrace some of the things it offers rather than shy away and shut yourself off. Of course, it is colder, and you may even worry about heating bills. But there is much more to winter than worry and cold, such as warming food and drink and cozy nights.

Photo Courtesy of PexelsCreate a Vista

All seasons bring their own beauty, and this is the real joy of each one. Imagine how boring it would be if it was summer all the time. It would get old really quickly. Winter has glorious ways of showing the natural beauty of the world around us. Welcome the season by creating a vista from inside to out so you can see all the season has to offer. Andersen doors and windows are perfect for relaxing in the warmth while watching the snowfall and the winter birds.

Enjoy Winter in Comfort with Hot Drinks

Getting cozy in winter is one of the joys of the season as it brings us closer together and closer to nature. Even with heating, there can still be a slight chill in the air, and you need something to warm you up. There is no better (certainly taste-wise) solution to this than a cup of high-grade chocolate. The chocolate industry is worth over $20 billion worldwide for good reason. You can use chocolate however you like. And the one thing almost all of us look forward to in winter is the excuse to drink more hot chocolate, no matter your age. But the kids really do love it.

Photo Courtesy of Clint PettersonGet Cozy for Your Favorite Activities

By its very nature, winter forces you to get cozier than you typically would, even if your home is warm enough. It wouldn't be winter without cuddling under blankets and wearing oversized wooly slippers. It's all part of the fun. But the cold weather also means you may not get outside as much, and this is okay. You can have plenty of fun indoors with family and friends. Cozy up and read, watch some TV shows and movies, or get out a classic board game next to the fire.

Embrace the Hygge Philosophy

There is a Danish system of embracing the winter called Hygge. It is about staying cozy and appreciating the season for what it brings. The main points of the philosophy are as follows:

  • Create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere around your home.
  • Feel the presence of winter and embrace what it offers.
  • Take pleasure in the simple things brought on by the colder weather.
  • Express gratitude for having the opportunity to be indoors and warm.
  • Share your shelter together with the people you care about.

There is a bit more to it than this, but it mostly relates to staying cozy, and it also extends to being outside. As the Danish like to say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

Photo Courtesy of Emily HoeheLayer Up for Outdoor Activities

Further to clothing, winter is not a time to keep yourself locked inside. Sure, it's colder, but so what? It is bad for your health to stay indoors, so getting out for even ten minutes per day will help you feel better and expose yourself to sunlight. If you are worried about the cold, simply layer up. Wear a layer of tight clothing, such as thermals, over your underwear. Then dress as you normally would with a shirt and sweater underneath your outdoor clothing to trap warm air.

Battle SAD to Enjoy Winter in Comfort

It can be hard to get yourself going in winter, especially in the morning. This is because you are experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD affects around 280 million globally and is also known as the winter blues. But it is much more than this, and no joke if you have it, as the symptoms are very similar to clinical depression. The lack of sunlight is a common cause, but you can battle SAD with timed lighting, sun lamps, and getting outside for more natural sunlight.

Learn to Cook Seasonal Food

There are seasonal bounties of food every three months, and winter brings its own gourmet. Winter vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, and carrots are just what you need for amazing recipes that help with the colder weather. Got a spare bottle of wine and a steak in the fridge? There's nothing better than a hearty winter stew on a chilly evening as the sun sets at 4 pm. Learning to cook seasonally helps make the most of fresh food and provides what you need.


Creating a view of your garden with window decorations or even new ones will help you enjoy winter in comfort from the inside. Yet you can also embrace the Hygge philosophy to enjoy it inside or out. Cooking seasonal winter recipes will help you get the comfort you need.