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author/source: Laura McEvoy


Welcome to Living Well (with me!)  My signature program - YO-GLOW has made an impact on young girls from Dover to Quincy.

Let me tell you a little about it, but first, why Yo-Glow?  And, why now?!  With recent news of another school shooting, you may find yourself wondering what our future generation may look like.  Are schools equipped to assess potential threats like these on a daily basis? Furthermore, what long-term effects will this have on young kids?  PTSD?  Anxiety? Depression?  I believe there needs to be an intervention at a national level regarding the mental health of our kids, and what we are doing proactively to help them live a “normal” life.  But, for today, I am trying to do my part and spread the message of my program.  The program is called Yo-Glow, a yoga empowerment program for young girls!  This program aims to assist young girls during these crazy times we live in, and empower them to LIVE WELL!  

So maybe you’re raising a young girl who could benefit from learning life-long skills to calm the mind & body, or perhaps you may refer a family member or colleague’s child.  I’d be honored to hear from you!  But, in the meantime, here’s some good news:  Yo-Glow has begun a ripple effect of positive living for young girls, ensuring they are equipped to deal with whatever comes their way!  And, I’m starting another series very soon! (Side note: I sure could have used Yo-Glow when I was growing up!!)  But, growing up was very different 30+ years ago! 

YO-GLOW-GIRLS-EMPOWERMENTWe live in a fast-paced world today, and gaining the tools to navigate life is a priceless investment!  As a former guidance counselor at both the middle and high school level, I counseled students as they went through major transitions and life stressors.  As we know, kids today are under constant stress from school work, to friends and family, activities, sports, and other commitments.  I often said to myself, there must be a place for yoga, a time to strengthen not just their bodies, but minds.  Furthermore, a safe place to learn healthy tools to navigate life, find balance and learn positive ways to seek relief during those tough times in their development. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to teach yoga and mindfulness during my busy day. While I helped prepare students to succeed academically, I often thought the curriculum could include more social and emotional learning.  Yoga can be that healthy outlet! Yoga can help students look within themselves to find their own voice, and provide a healthy outlet for stress. 

In an effort to continue this work, I’ve offered my Yo-Glow program to young girls of all ages.


YO-GLOW is a 6-week socio-emotional yoga series offering a solid curriculum of mind-body integration for girls.

Class structure: Group participants will meet once a week for 6 weeks. The class will include a theme-topic discussion, activity and yoga practice.  In addition, I’m available for email support throughout the series.

TOPICS INCLUDE:Young-Girls-Empowerment







Please contact me, I’d love to hear from you as my program continues to grow!

This is the year of the woman; This is the year to GLOW!!!! 

Be Well,

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