Winter Solstice: A Return to Light

author/source: Nicole Hendrick Donovan

Winter Solstice by Nicole DonovanUnder the dark night of winter, I plant seeds of hope for new beginnings. Seeds of love for a journey to wholeness. Seeds of compassion to embrace humanity. Seeds of healing to reclaim what I have lost or given away. Seeds of forgiveness as I acknowledge the past and hold my thoughts and actions in gentle hands. With deep reverence, I hold space for all that is and whisper a prayer upon the winter wind.

During this sacred time of wait, I tend to the garden within. I surrender my ideas and expectations with an open heart. I fall into a state of grace where life becomes still, and rest and rejuvenation occur. I enter the sanctuary and sit in front of the altar. I break bread with the Holy One, the one who resides within me. I hear my interior voice echo from the depths of the well. It rises from its confinement and sweet song spills from my lips. I lift my arms upward and surrender into the mystery of Oneness, the web of creation that holds us all.

Nurture My Garden Great Spirit Nicole Hendrick DonovanEach day I nurture my garden and entrust Great Spirit to walk with me. As light returns, the seeds begin to grow. The rich soil, which I tend with love and care, becomes warm in the sun. I embrace the possibilities and dance in its illumination as I leave winter behind. My intentions materialize in the miraculous and mundane of ordinary life. They show themselves like a “pop” of color, added to a pale painted room. A brilliant turquoise, or a vibrant orange, demanding curiosity in my familiar surroundings. What is this new gift Great Spirit has given me?

Rest in the deep darkness until light returns. Embrace the sacredness of time and trust in the

unfolding that is yet to be…

Nicole Hendrick Donovan December 2018 (revised 12/21)

winter-solstice-return-lightNicole Hendrick Donovan is an author, reflective storyteller, and speaker who offers personal essays, memoir, and workshops as a container for others to seek their inner wisdom and truth. Her memoir, A Life Suspended: A Mother and Son’s Story of Autism, Extinction Bursts, and Living a Resilient Life, brings the reader into the home and heart of a family in crisis. Donovan’s vulnerable storytelling cultivates compassion and understanding, opening a door where acceptance and empathy expand. Nicole is a contributing writer to The Mighty, Autism Parenting Magazine, Finding Cooper’s Voice, and Herself360. As an extension of her offerings, she is the owner of Rose Ray Healing Arts and curator of her signature Rose Ray Surrender Spray. You can connect with Nicole on Facebook and Instagram @nhdwrites and