Toxic Masculinity-Feminity - An Instagram Conversation

author/source: @Clarity_Chick and Lyvia Feraco


How does it help to change things if feminists are now the new toxic men? I’m not saying toxic masculinity isn’t a problem but women who seduce and annihilate men are also the problem.

It may not be as obvious because the way the feminine destroys is often more hidden. We have to stop the feminization of men. Men are great and different as they are. There are toxic people who have more power in different ways. Yes, men have had more financial power because greed is lower primal power. If women would like to become masculine forces then it’s their choice but doesn’t include all of us. I love being a goddess and have zero interest in toxic control. How does it change things if women become the new destroyers? I don’t think it’s new btw but how does it help if the sex changes but the oppression flips? It’s just an oppressive dictator with boobs. I have seen so many men destroyed by women who misuse their powers of seduction to castrate men to their core. We don’t need passive men who can’t protect or provide. The new wave of feminism is schizophrenic at its core. It says shut the fuck up and sit down I’ll do it you pathetic piece of crap and why don’t you stand up and do anything you weenie? Shut up while you’re talking to why aren’t you speaking? It’s madness! Don’t listen to the media mind control steering these narratives. Clean up your own life and try to empower people instead of screaming down at them. #toxicmasculinity #feminism#feminismrants #spiritualgrowth#spiritualawareness #consciousloving#awakening #illsayit #feminismsucks

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@polarityexpertSociety is in desperate need of a boundary Re-set!!! our modern society allows BOYS to grow older without growing up or getting mature! this is because many of them grow up without any role model.  The Basics of Masculinity & Feminity is written to provoke conversation and teach the value of polarity of sexes at the same time is being incredibly educational! in a society that has lost its grasp on what (HEALTHY) masculinity is, its a critical read for both men and women illustrating 10 masculine/feminine real-life dilemmas, that are experienced daily!! #pusillanimous #polarityexpert #masculinityfeminity

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@LyviaFeraco:    @herself360 was at the Boston Women's March. A lot of men showed up to rally and march with us, to support the movement and what this is about. 

But once again, I couldn't help noticing in some women's speeches, visual signs, and behavior what I called "anti-feminist" (Angry feminism hurts the work of feminist advocates) and I noticed the embarrassment/shame on some of the men's faces (this feeling when you realize you are actually in hostile territory 😅). It felt like there was no exception in a women's mind: "all men were a bad kind of mindset".

This article reminded me of when Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison and was still a leader, even more powerful. He used his power to build bridges, not walls, to include not exclude, to start the conversation and find a common ground so together black and white, native and Afrikaners would feel like one nation because, for all of them, South Africa was home. It didn't solve everything in one day and it's still a work in progress for sure but as Martin Luther King, Jr., who was largely celebrated and quoted on this website said not so long ago, "Darkness can't fight Darkness, only Light can. Hate can't fight hate, only Love can"

#MeToo, #TimeIsUp, and The Women's March exist because of gender supremacy paired with bad use of its Power. As women, we know more than anyone else how it feels, what it's like to be under that supremacy, to be ignored, belittled, to be shamed, to be excluded, and not have a voice. Women, more than anyone should not want to make anybody feel this way.  @BreneBrown at the @INBOUND2018 talked about this "if you're not with us you're against us" syndrome.   I see and read a lot about "the future is female". It's like saying "the future doesn't need bees or flowers".

Short life science class: no bee▶️no pollination, no pollination▶️no vegetation, no vegetation, extinction of the human race.

The other math is actually simpler and shorter:

Human race perennially = 1 male + 1 female.  So if the future is only female, it's going to be the shortest reign in history, when a male will belong to the past for good (?) 🤷🏽♀️

Let's be inclusive, there are so many good men out there willing to help build a better society model, fairness, and more.

Let's be the change we want to see in the world 🌍💖✨