Top Three Ways To Un-Stuck Your Income

author/source: Vanessa Zamy

top-three-ways-unstuck-your-incomeIt's a dagger to my heart - every time I see a business owner, passionate and brave enough to take that one foot forward into entrepreneurship while also doing their day job, who then ends up frustrated and discouraged by how unsuccessful their business is. And unfortunately, what typically happens is that these passionate founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners then decide to put their business on pause or focus back on their career. And what does that mean? A legacy deferred. 

I am affectionately known as The Business Defibrillator™ due to my work helping micro-enterprises renew their passion for their business, unpack what's been sabotaging their success, and grow their business without burnout or overwhelm.  

Here are the top three ways that have made a massive difference for all my clients to get them calmly and confidently experiencing full-time entrepreneurship. 

Number ONE

Determine what's working and what's not working in your marketing and sales funnel. By funnel, I am referring to the journey of Prospects to Leads to Stakeholders/Clients/Customers to Retention. In my masterclass, we go through more in-depth strategizing this for yourself and this is not what the article is about.  

Back on topic, the first thing you must do to get un-stuck in your business is to understand for each of these funnel stages what is working for you and your business, and what is not.  

For the things that are working, keep doing it. That may sound simple and it is, but a lot of founders are not doing that 

What happens instead is this dialogue: “I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be. Nothing is working.”  

FALSE NEWS! Usually there's something that is working. Go for the things that are working and keep following your success.  

Number TWO 

top-three-ways-unstuck-your-incomeA time audit. This is a process during which you do exactly as it says - audit your time. As you go through your next 14 days, note where is your time and energy going? And for me, when I did this exercise a few years ago, it was so powerful in helping me prioritize what I wanted to delegate first.  

For those who aren't yet ready to hire, the time audit is still powerful.   

A lot of micro-enterprises, freelancers, and gig workers are busy being busy. What you want to do instead is move and make progress closer to the finish line by focusing on actions and next steps that make sense for your vision and plan.  

If you are having trouble clarifying and defining the next steps for your business, my upcoming masterclass is something you may want to consider attending. 

We’re not done yet though. Last but certainly not least is

Number THREE.

The third top way to un-stuck your business. 

Rethink the problem. When you’re in this stuck place with your business, there are a lot of things getting in the way. The most important and prevalent shift that I’ve had to make each time I had a failed launch, was separation. 

I had to separate myself from the result. And now, you need to do that too. 

I get it. You’re a high-achieving person. You’ve accomplished many things. And it's very easy to then say, “I must not be meant for business. There's something wrong with me.”  

I’ve invested over $120,000 in my business already in different courses, online methods, strategies, and programs. And some of them were bad. Some of them were good.  

It's just business. It's not personal. Maybe you tried that marketing and it didn't work. It does not mean that you're a bad person. It doesn't mean that you're not meant to be an entrepreneur. It only means you tried the marketing and it didn't work. Try something else and then repeat these three steps as needed. 

top-three-ways-unstuck-your-incomeNumber ONE. What’s working and what’s not? 

Then TWO: optimize your time. Do that audit and really understand what's happening with the marketing and sales. What's happening with your time? 

And finally, THREE: Commit to making that mindset shift to separate yourself from the result. It's not personal. It is just business.  

If you’re looking for more detail on how to grow your business without burnout, overwhelm, or sleep deprivation, then choose an upcoming date and grab your ticket to my premiere masterclass here


Vanessa Zamy, also known as The Business DefibrillatorTM, is a business expert, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and Professor dedicated to helping purpose-driven business owners calmly and confidently succeed in full-timetop-three-ways-unstuck-your-incomeentrepreneurship. Through her consulting company, Your Vision's Catalyst, Vanessa works with high-achieving, ambitious CEOs to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability so they can reduce overwhelm while growing their profit-producing, purpose-driven business. Her background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. Vanessa Zamy has been featured in Fast Company, NPR Marketplace, and on numerous stages.  

In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys running, and living by her mantra: “have fun, make money, and share”, which includes Harry Potter, musicals, and dessert. 

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