The Most Powerful Tool for Back to School?  A Look Inside a Kid’s Brain!

author/source: Wendy Gossett

Back to school can be an anxious time for parents with kids who are struggling academically. Wendy Gossett knows this because her daughter, Jordan, was one of those kids who didn’t fit into a typical classroom.

People all over the world saw Gossett dancing in a blizzard embarrassing her son, but what they didn’t see was the person behind the camera, her daughter Jordan, who was very happy not to be in the spotlight.

Most parents have at least one child they don’t understand. They don’t understand why their child can’t stay organized or has a difficult time with social interactions. However, what many parents and teachers don’t realize is that these differences are not necessarily weaknesses and can actually be validated through science.

Temperament tests and qEEG maps confirmed that Gossett and her daughter had opposite personalities and opposite brain functionsAs an educator and psychology researcher, Gossett developed a child inner drive assessment to help families and educators all over the world map the four brain functions on paper without a qEEG map or an expensive brain training program. Doing so has helped them discover strengths and areas of misalignment in order to diagnose solutions.

Wnedy-GossettHer book, Your Child’s Inner Drive, Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens is full of case studies illustrating how parenting children according to their brain functions and temperament is powerful and effective. This book was almost finished when her DRIVE on the highway was interrupted by a traffic jam which caused her to get out and dance. “My daughter is the little girl on the cover; the “I” in DRIVE,” Gossett states, “and she literally has put her signature on all I do. Her strengths are my weaknesses and I literally was blind to them. Now that I see her strengths, I learn just as much from her as she does from me."

Knowing a child’s inner DRIVE will help adults know how to respond to a child’s behavior in any situation. Helping them if they “behind” in their schoolwork, reacting appropriately when their angelic behavior takes a turn when they are day “dreaming” in class, fighting with siblings or their room looks like a “jungle”. The book launches on September 18th and as a lead-up to that launch, the I in DRIVE has been showing up all over town. Where will she be next? 

Adults have good intentions, but no directions when it comes to working with a child they don’t understand. Your Child’s Inner Drive could very well be the GPS they have been looking for.

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