My Gratitude Runs Deep

author/source: Nicole O'Neil

Nicole O Neil Soul Healing CoachMy name is Nicole. I am a Soul Healing Coach and Healer, helping women align their soul and human experience. I am also a soul led photographer.

I have been on a healing and self-discovery journey for 10+ years but I can say I've experienced a deeper transformation in the last 4 years. I spent years as a photographer which I love but it felt like something was missing. I still love doing that work and continue to, but it's not my primary purpose in this life.

I have been on a long journey overcoming childhood trauma but also experienced trauma after living through the Boston Marathon bombings. I struggled with PTS, from shaking daily to depression and debilitating panic attacks. I even had one night that I didn’t think I could keep going. But from that day on, I knew that I had a choice and even though, I sometimes felt defeated, I reminded myself.

I could allow it to consume me or I could do everything I could address it from all angles. I needed a team of support that included a therapist, a support group with others from that experience, energy healing, and deep spiritual work. I made the choice while hearing “You’ll always have to live with this (anxiety, depression, etc)” that “NO. That is not my story.” These choices led me from deep grief and darkness back into the light of peace and hope.

It also led me to face and start to heal past experiences and traumas in a much deeper way than I had before. As time went on, I stripped away the old and stepped into the new. I connected deeply inward and in doing so, uncovered my calling.

Nicole O Neil HealerI'm here to serve others with love. I'm here to help individuals uncover their own light, step into their power and create their dreams. We can only be our most empowered selves if we clear out all of the limiting beliefs, conditioning, and ways we are trying to protect ourselves based on traumas and experiences.

I have reached a level of deep intimacy with myself and others, trust in the universe, gratitude that I never really knew I could ascend to.

My whole life, I’ve felt very connected to the collective. I’ve felt drawn time and again to jobs where I can make a difference and help others. So it’s no surprise I ended up here. Of course, my own healing led me in this direction, to serve others from my heart.

The truth is, we ALL have trauma, little “t” trauma, and big “T” trauma. We all have ways that our inner child needed more than she got. We all have patriarchal conditioning and even past lives that are still impacting us now.

I am here for this.

I want you to connect with and give your inner child what she didn’t get so she doesn’t feel she needs to be small and hold tightly onto protections you no longer need.

I want to help as many women as possible heal the Sisterhood Wound which is simply not spoken about enough.

I want to help you connect with your inner knowing, the deepest parts of your soul, where all of your wisdom resides.

I want you to feel the power inside of you and the unlimited possibilities ahead, the abundance that is just waiting for you to claim it.

I want you to feel SEEN and HEARD, to feel more empowered, to have healthy and conscious relationships with others and yourSELF.

This isn’t just words. This is how I’ve wanted to help YOU my whole life. There is nothing more beautiful than helping and supporting another woman as she rises up and holding space for her in the pain and release. 

I want YOU to feel confident. I want YOU to feel clear on your visions for the future and start manifesting them. I want YOU to feel wholly connected to your higher self and to those around you. 

Nicole o'NeilAs women, we can accomplish so much individually and together. Let’s support each other as we grow and change the world.  

I have a retreat coming up in October in the White Mountains and one in Italy Spring 2022 as well as group and individual programs. I’m always looking for guests and guest cohosts for my podcast. I’d love to connect with you.

Nicole is a Soul Healing Coach and Healer helping womxn align their soul with the human experience. She is also a soul led photographer. She works with clients 1:1 as well as in group programs and retreats. When not working (or sometimes when working) you can find Nicole out in nature, playing in waterfalls or at the ocean, spending time with her partner, nephew and other loved ones or traveling both locally and internationally.

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