“Monzari” Realistic Draftsman Portraitist

author/source: Monzari

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monzari-realistic-draftsman-portraitistState graduate in Latin philosophy, human rights activist, he obtained his law degree at the University of Kinshasa in 2020.

This young prodigy has never set foot in an academy of fine arts.  It is since he knows how to hold an object with his hand that Monzari takes pleasure in drawing.  But it was more particularly during his training at the minor seminary of Bokoro that he discovered this passion.

At the University, he decided in April 2018 to assert his second nature: that of a draftsman.  By dint of making portraits during these off-hours, he draws more and more attention to himself and decides to undertake on his talent.  Visionary and hardworking, Monzari inspires the talented young people of his generation because he has demonstrated that it is possible to combine usefulness and passion through discipline and hard work.  Today, he is the CEO of his Atelier which is the first specialist in the production of portrait drawings and various services related to drawing, manager of several mainly drawing artists, cultural and creative entrepreneur, trainer in Portrait drawing and campaigns for the enhancement and  safeguarding the Congolese cultural heritage.

monzari-realistic-draftsman-portraitistHe currently holds the record for the most productive portrait artist (154 paintings in 2019 and 156 paintings in 2020-source Arts.cd) and produced more than 200 portraits in 2021 (sources Actualité.cd, mbote.cd).  Strongly solicited by individuals and art collectors, he devotes his time to the production of paintings for exhibition and sale as well as to the supervision of his young artists as passionate as him.

With only a few years of experience, this talented young artist has already had to exhibit more than once alongside great artists, including his famous exhibition at Jolie Parc Hôtel (collective exhibition Art plein les yeux in 2018) and the one organized by the union of artists in place of artists (collective exhibitions let’s save blessed in 2021), Exhibition and sale of works of art (Binza Weather, restaurant Miam-miam, DRCArt Agency2021, Exhibition Empreinte LIYOLO (Group exhibition, Texaf Bilembo, KinartStudio, Liyolo Foundation, Kinshasa, 2021.

monzari-realistic-draftsman-portraitist“As an artist, my dream is that people continue to trust my studio because my design colleagues and I want to live from our love for design.  My most ardent wish is that drawing be an art in its own right, recognized and protected among other artistic disciplines because in my opinion, drawing is the original art… The basis of all the plastic arts.

As a cultural jurist, I would like culture and the arts to occupy an important place within the institutions of our country.  It is in culture that we will find the remedies for all the evils that plague our country the DRC and it is in the arts that we will define our identity.