How To Add More Nutrition To Your Daily Life

author/source: Taylor McKnight

how-add-more-nutrition-your-daily-lifeWomen have different nutritional needs than men. Women have a lower bone density than men and hormonal changes from both menstruation and menopause affect the nutrients women need, all while managing to meet their needs with fewer calories than the average male. Up until puberty, male and female dietary needs remain the same, but women’s needs change and they need additional vitamins and nutrients. 

Why is Nutrition Important? 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. people who receive adequate nutrition live longer and enjoy healthier lives. For women, eating food high in inflammatory properties, such as sugar and deep-fried foods increase PMS symptoms. A healthy diet gives a person energy and the stamina to feel vital every day. Good nutrition also helps a person recover from an illness or injury. 

Also, the world Health Organization states a nutritious diet is essential for good health. Women, and men, who follow a healthy diet have a lower risk of developing noncommunicable diseases, like heart disease and cancer. 

What Can I Do to Increase My Nutrition? 

Women of childbearing age need twice as much iron as men do. The most common nutritional deficit in women is a lack of iron. Eating a diet withhow-add-more-nutrition-your-daily-lifesufficient iron can help women feel more energetic and focused. Foods high in iron include red meat, fish, eggs, legumes and more. Women who add iron-rich foods to their diet or take iron supplements can help prevent anemia. Proteins in iron-rich foods are important for building muscle strength. Women can also add carbohydrates and fats for energy and vitamins and minerals for normal cell functioning. 

What Else Can I Do? 

Stock your cupboard with ingredients to make fresh, healthy food taste better. Include low or no salt spices to make poultry and fresh vegetables more interesting. Also, stock up on low salt canned tomatoes to use as a base for soups to use leftover meats and vegetables. Canned soups are typically high in salt and lack the nutrition of fresh, homemade soups. 

Stock up on healthy, nutritious snacks to help avoid grabbing a bag of potato chips. Low fat yogurts, hard-boiled eggs and fruits are quick and easy to grab and go. Nuts can also make a nutritious, healthy snack. 

What Bad Habits Decrease My Nutrition? 

Following fad diets or diets that severely restrict calories may not meet nutritional needs. If a dieting plan to lose weight is making feel tired and lethargic, always cold and depressed, it’s time to talk to your doctor about a diet that works for you and guarantees your nutritional needs are met. 

how-add-more-nutrition-your-daily-lifeAnother bad habit is believing healthy food consists of foods and drinks like alfalfa sprouts and vegetable smoothies. It's okay if you like these, but there are nutritional substitutes for almost all foods and drinks that you can base a healthy lifestyle on. 

Women are often in a position to encourage their loved ones to eat healthier by preparing nutritious meals and keeping healthy snacks in the home. They can also start their children off with healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

how-add-more-nutrition-your-daily-lifeWritten by Taylor McKnight, Author for TCI Co., Ltd 

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