Happiness is the Way to a Satisfying Relationship

author/source: Aditi Bhattacharya

Aditi BhattacharyaAs a child I was always a dreamer, I believed in being able to do and have what no one else believed possible or realistic.

I dreamed of travel and luxurious lifestyles, I dreamed of that perfect relationship that came straight out of a Bollywood movie. You know, the guy coming up to you in song and dance, declaring his love to you for all to see. I would play this out in my bedroom, singing in my head while lip-syncing so my parents wouldn't hear me, acting out both his and my parts, being totally in love with him... with myself... with life!

But unfortunately, my life was far from magical and over time I lost my faith a little in being able to live that extraordinary dream...

So when many years later I stumbled upon a documentary called 'The Secret' which is all about the Law of Attraction and being able to literally create the life you dream of, I was absolutely stunned, and like so many of us who saw this, I was BEYOND excited!

The first time I watched this documentary was during a pretty rough period in my life. I was smack dab in the middle of a burnout and when you’re only  21 years old, a hard worker at heart and with lots of dreams for your life ahead, that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow.

So at the time, I was in bed during the day, again, because this was my life almost daily now, watching this documentary in my PJ’s and as I watched it, I realized that I'd come out from under the covers, with my mouth slightly open, just in awe of what I was hearing, because if this was real, that meant that all of my dreams truly could come true! That there were no limits in this life! That I could have everything that I wanted! And immediately I felt this huge bolt of energy just surge through my body and I felt like I was given a second chance...

Aditi Picture2So just 2 years later, There I was, on a beautiful island, in this gorgeous mansion on a Caribbean island where I got to decide what furniture to buy for the living room and the bedroom balcony, what plants and flowers to have the gardeners plant in the yard, the smell of Jasmine coming at me with while I walked up the path towards our front door. In this house,  I got to watch the sunrise from bed and watch the sunset over the infinity pool every evening while feeling a warm tropical breeze caress my skin and dance through my hair.

I was living there with my boyfriend, we had amazing adventures together, we laughed, shared our hopes and dreams, we could do and have whatever we wanted and everything was just like my vision board, even better!!

Yet... I couldn't be happy, I felt an emptiness inside that no amount of Manifestations could fill, and that emptiness became bigger and bigger, I kept this feeling to myself but then...I lost everything overnight.

I was standing in our bedroom, getting ready to go to bed when my boyfriend told me that he didn't want to be with me anymore. Just like that.

I was absolutely devastated, I didn’t even know why he wanted to break up, I tried to communicate, to fix it, but nothing worked. We broke up and just like that my perfect vision board-worthy life fell apart.

I couldn't sleep at all, I felt sick all the time and I could only cry, I still had to live in this house for another couple of days and while I was doing laundry and packing up all of my things before I flew home to Amsterdam again, I felt like a complete failure. How could I have ruined this? I had it all! What did I do? How did I let this fall apart?

It took me a long time to get over this man. And while I was going through the morning process, I used to sit in my lounge chair next to my balcony. My balcony doors were made of glass and so I pretty much had this huge window on one side of my studio. And through this, I was able to look out onto the water and see a huge part of the sky.

Photo by Bethany LairdSo one evening, as I was sitting there, It started storming. There were thunder and lightning everywhere! I watched those beautiful lights streak down and I was enjoying myself so much! I was looking at all of this beauty within this storm!

And that's when it hit me, just like that lightning, it hit me and suddenly it all made sense!

Yes, we get to have everything we desire in this life but nothing can be manifested or nothing can last unless we feel it, truly feel it, on the inside first. Only then can the outer reality come or stay with us.

I realized that self-love was the one crucial thing that I missed in my life. If I didn't love myself if I didn't take care of myself and made myself a priority, how could anyone else do that or continue to do that in a long term relationship like the one that I wanted??

That's when I realized that having a satisfying relationship is NOT the way to happiness, happiness is the way to a satisfying relationship!


Aditi BhattacharyaHi love, my name is Aditi.

The story you just read is my own, it was the start of my journey as a self-love coach and Manifestation expert.

After 3 years of learning all about the secrets behind The Secret, about the 12 Laws of this Universe, about the power of our subconscious mind and how self-love ties into all of that, I now help women to not just attract high-quality men of their dreams but to create a solid foundation to build their relationship on so that they last.

I went from heartbroken and alone, to manifesting the love of my life.

From single to being engaged a year and 4 months into our relationship.

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