Herself360 Member Sponsored Events For September 2021

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Free Events 

Dr Amba 5 YOU DIG

I only have Saturday's group open for my 5 YOU DIG - five-week program (skipping Celebration week if you are Polka Dot) For more information about 5 YOU DIG Check out my YouTube Video 

For the $57 rate ( save $440) which expires 9/10 CLICK HERE  

Each Week Learn tools that are 4000 to 5000 years old that help our health and well-being.

  • 1st week: Spleen Focused - worry overthinking---vs Trust
  • 2nd week: Lungs- sadness, shame ---vs Courage, Integrity
  • 3rd week: Kidneys- fear, loneliness---vs Self-Confidence, Wisdom
  • 4th week: Liver- anger, frustration,--vs Compassion, Patience 
  • skip the 5th week for CELEBRATION (Polka Dots Only)
  • 6th week: Heart- anxiety, expectations not met ---vs Joy, Tranquility, and Order every week the first 45 min is learning- 15 min break the 2nd hour is sharing what in our lives around each specific Yin Organs emotions are we feeling and then 10 min break last 45 min---everyone lies down at home and experiences a Chinese Energy Medicine session called Medical Qigong Therapy. I am a Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy and have been practicing since 2009 this amazing modality which 90 percent is the tools clients learn to put to use themselves--- My work is the clean the slate and allow clients to help them heal themselves. There is a good deal of community building and fun involved. Happy to Share this with any Women identified persons. For more info about me, Dr. Amba the Qigong Lady go to www.sitwellness.com


Friends Around the CampfireProject BFF Friends around the Campfire


Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm ET

How do you think about the passage of time?
As we transition from summer to autumn, and head into the end of an interesting and challenging year, we're thinking about transitions.

How we grow--as individuals and as friends
Dealing with passages--of time and others in our lives
Managing change--in ourselves and the world around us

We'll have fun chatting with many fabulous women about our own experiences what transition means for each of us right now.

Registration is Free(Click Here)


Who We Are ~ Our team is comprised of women within our surrounding communities who want to build their business connections while simultaneously evolving on a personal level. We are all about supporting ourselves, our businesses, and our futures. Our simple yet powerful team meeting style helps us support each other during our personal and professional journeys.


Monthly on every 1st Wednesday!

September 1st @ 1:30-3:00p

Plymouth /Cape Cod

Currently held In-Person at the:

Sagamore Inn

1131 Rte. 6A, Sagamore, MA

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Monthly on every 2nd Thursday!

September 9th @ 9:00a-10:30a

South Shore Team

Currently held In-Person at the:

Panera Bread

@ Braintree 5 Corners

400 Franklin Street, Braintree

Guests Register Here

Monthly on every 2nd Tuesday!

September 14th @ 10:00a-11:30a

New! Cambridge

Currently held In-Person at the:

Keller Williams Office

186 Alewife Brook Parkway,

Cambridge, MA - Suite 214

Guests Register Here

Monthly on every 3rd Wednesday!

September 15th 9:00-10:30a

New! Rhode Island

Currently held In-Person at the:

Panera Bread

4000 Chapel View Blvd. Cranston, RI 

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Monthly on every 3rd Thursday!

September 16th 9:00-10:30a

South Coast Team

Currently held In-Person at the:

Pateakos & Poulin, P.C.

324 Union Street, New Bedford, MA

Guests Register Here

Monthly on every 4th Thursday!

September 23rd @ 11:00-12:30a Est.

Our Virtual USA Team

Currently held on Zoom

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Monthly on every 4th Tuesday!

September 28th 9:00-10:30a

New! 495 Area

Currently held In-Person at:

Panera Bread

600 Union Street, Westborough, MA

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2nd Friday - September 10th


1:00-2:00p Est.

Each month we offer a virtual discussion on culture and environment to educate ourselves today... for a more beautiful tomorrow. The intention here is to share our challenges and experiences, open our minds to possibilities, and reflect what we learn into our lives.

Members and first-time guests

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3rd Friday - September 17th


1:00-2:00p Eastern.

Join us for our Amazing new style book club! Bring a book that changed your life, a book you are writing, or a book you wrote!

This meeting is all about books and how they help us to succeed both personally and professionally.

Members & first-time guests

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