Destruction of Hope

author/source: Nancy G Regan

Photo Courtesy of Emily WadeI would describe myself as someone who is full of hope, inspiration, and motivation on a consistent basis. On occasion though, my subconscious negative thoughts creep in through the tiny cracks of positivity, like weeds that deliberately work their way into any available crevice taking hold of the healthy plants and chocking them out.

This past week was one of those rare times that the weeds of negativity were sprouting up in every thought I had. I fended off these thoughts well until Friday when the weeds took over and suffocated my positive mindset. All day I battled with my subconscious, like two boxers, battling blow-by-blow until one of the opponents is knocked out cold. This is how I felt, stuck in a match between my negative subconscious and conscious mind. Four o’clock couldn’t come soon enough when I was able to head to the gym for a good workout. I had my mental boxing gloves on, ready to work through my negative thoughts. The hour and a half of lifting did help immensely, but after dinner that night, there it was again, the vortex of negative thoughts.

I realized that this was going to take my resourceful tools of mindfulness to completely rid these thoughts. It was now 7:05 pm, I went into my three-season porch, surrounded by six large windows looking out at the tranquil woods. I lit my candle and sat in my comfortable chair with the multi-colored cushion, allowing my body to sink deeply and softly into oblivion. Barefooted, I planted my feet on the cool floor, imagining roots growing from the bottom of my feet. Closing my eyes, the roots went deep into the earth and sprouted positivity within. I felt calm as I meditated, allowing my mind to think of nothing, but the roots growing from my feet. Feeling a quieted mind, I chose to head to bed early to keep the sense flowing throughout the night.

In the middle of the night, I was abruptly woken by my cat and with that once again came a flood of negativity. It was as if the Hoover Dam had been released at full force causing destruction in its path. The battleground was drawn, and I wasn’t going down without a fight. Reiki was the next trick that I would pull from my box of mindfulness techniques.

Nancy ReganI laid in bed and placed my hands on my Crown Chakra and slowly worked my way down to my Root Chakra. Feeling the strong energy flowing, mainly in my Sacral and Solar Plexus. When I finished, I felt completely relaxed and dozed off. Waking with the morning sun shining on me, I felt the light of positivity flowing again through my mind and body, knowing that anything and everything was once again possible.

BIO:  I am Nancy, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki Master, public speaker, mother, nature lover, hiker, and motivator who is ready to support you on your Brite Path to physical and emotional wholeness.

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