Default Into Doubt

author/source: Janet Langmeier

default-into-doubtMy belief in what is possible is ever expanding. When I move from believing to 'knowing', amazing, seemingly impossible things begin to happen in my life. What I have learned is that I have to take actions in faith, in the unknown, in the seemingly impossible to experience life as extraordinary and joyful! 

The face of fear shows up in as many different ways as is necessary to keep us 'safe' from taking a chance, from moving into the unknown. Fear is here to protect us...even from our hopes and dreams. Because change is scary - even when we desire a change, a change for our good. 

 When we step into the unknown we are required to put our trust in to what I call, the Power that Breathes us. The Power that Breathes us is pure Love, and Love is always, everywhere present - always. So then, why do we so often default into doubt? 

 Do you have a dream, an idea, a notion, a vision for yourself - big or small - (i.e., a shopping trip or a trip around the world) that you push aside or refuse to give energy to because...

- It doesn't make sense.

- You can't figure it out.

- It's foolishness. 

- When I lose weight.

- You don't want to rock the boat.

default-into-doubt- You can't see how it would work. 

- You don't really need it anyway.

- Things are OK right where I am.

- This isn't the right time. When I get more time, then...

- There's not enough money. When I have more money, then... 

In all of these scenarios we are waiting for our outer environment, conditions, or circumstances to change before we can move forward. 

 Do you ever feel like a line from Harry Chapin's famous song, Cat's in the Cradle? 

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

"When you coming home, dad?" "I don't know when"

But we'll get together then

You know we'll have a good time then. 

Every day in my coaching practice I work with people who are making changes in their lives. Every single person making change, going for a better, stronger, happier, more joy filled life comes face to face with doubt, and has to decide whether to give into doubt, or to lean into faith. I have default-into-doubtlearned to embrace, as do my students, that nothing changes in our life until we change. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the difference between the Newtonian Model of Cause and Effect vs. the Quantum Model of Causing an Effect. When we begin to live our life from the Quantum Model of Causing an Effect we are using the mind and elevated emotions through mental rehearsal to bring about our desired effects in our life. It leaves doubt at the door and asks us to trust. To trust without knowing the "How". 

 If you're a control freak, the idea of trusting without knowing how can be distressing. Yet, great accomplishments and achievements throughout history came about from an idea where action to move forward was founded in faith. 

 Putting things off felt easier when I was young. I believed that time was on my side. I could get to that idea, dream, or vision down the road. As I mature in this life, I realize that the present is the only time I really have. Choosing to live in the present is asking doubt to leave the premises in favor of belief, trust, faith, and a love of life that fills my soul! 

If not now - when? If not you - who? Whatever dream, idea, or vision is in your heart - itsy bitsy teeny weeny or big hairy audacious - trust that it is there because you are called to experience it. You have within you all you need for your dream, idea, vision, or change path to be realized. The Power that Breathes You will provide the How...your job is to be ready to take actions when the How shows up. When doubt shows up...and it will. (Because doubt has trained us to default to it.) Recognize it for what it is, ask doubt to take a powder and leave...You've got this! 

 Holding you in JOY every day! 


Janet Langmeier is a dedicated Spiritual Explorer, studying and teaching transformational principles for decades. As a Master Coach, Janet blends spiritual principles with practical real-world application in her coaching and teaching. Throughout her career, Janet has helped people to successfully transform their lives in the areas of career, education, relationships, spirituality, body image, and health. No stranger to the work of transformation, Janet's ongoing personal journey to full spectrum abundant living is the driving passion behind her desire to coach and help others. Janet's coaching programs, workshops and retreats help people break through limitations and achieve greater results than they've known before. 

Contributing author to four books, 3 of which are Amazon #1 Best Sellers:  Short, Sweet & Sacred: Uplifting Stories from Life Coaches Who Overcame and Moved from Stuck to Success, Hold My Crown: Women of Grit Share Stories of Resilience, and The Badass Within: Stories of Strength, Hope, and Courage, and Happiness Matters.