Are You Going Deep in Your Business Relationships

author/source: Suzanne Tregenza Moore

are-you-going-deep-your-business-relationshipsI started my week with the most lovely coffee chat with the founder of Red Thread Publishing, Sierra Melcher. Sierra grew up close to where I lived for a while in Vermont, and we've discovered we know a woman in common that we both adore! I love connections like this! 

Sierra was a guest on the podcast more than a year ago, and I'm delighted to keep in touch with her. We talked about the upcoming year, our business goals, our mutual love of cats (although I don't have one), and the possibility of getting together this summer when she intends to spend some time in the Northeast. 

One of my current goals is to further develop the many relationships from the publishing industry I've created since beginning to work more directly with non-fiction authors. I'm planning a collaborative event in April focused on Nonfiction Marketing Success, which means right now is where the rubber meets the road. I've got to engage with collaborators and ask them to participate...even though I'm not technically ready to market it. 

One of the best things I'd done since becoming an entrepreneur is create and maintain good relationships with other entrepreneurs in a wide variety of fields. It has really come in handy, both when I've needed support in my own business, and when I've needed support for a client. 

Photo Courtesy of Antonino VisalliSo my question to you is...

What are you doing to deepen your relationships with your best referral partners and collaborators? Is connection a focus for you this year? And if so, what are your specific goals around enhancing what you did last year?  

Of course, I'd love to know the answer and you are welcome to pop me a note back and tell me, but it is more important you answer it for yourself!

In this week's episode of All Things Authorpreneur™, I connect with Mary Catherine Jones of Voice Over Vermont. Mary Catherine and I connected after I spoke last March for the Women in Publishing Summit. She was kind enough to invite me to speak at the Independent Publishers of New England conference this fall.

On the podcast

All Things Authorpreneur™ dropped a new episode on Tuesday with audio book creator Mary Catherine Jones. During the episode Mary Catherine shares:


  • Why audiobooks are better and why it matters to you.
  • Why is it important to use audiobooks to make books more visible and, as a result, sell more copies?
  • What informative organization that authors need to know about in order to publish or promote their books effectively?



are-you-going-deep-your-business-relationshipsLast week, we were joined by Larry Stein, Founder of Stein on Stuttering. During the episode Larry shares:

  • How someone can overcome physical flaws and ways to get the better of it. 
  • Why acknowledging deficiencies can hasten progress in improving oneself. 
  • Why consistency can be a big factor in overcoming shortcomings.


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Anna HelmstadtWhen I first met Suzanne I had an established business but was struggling to get my high-ticket program going. Suzanne provided me with resources, connections, accountability, and support. Less than six months later I created my high-ticket program, launched it, and filled it to capacity. As a result, I was able to hire additional staff so that I could free myself up to concentrate on what I enjoy and what will grow my company. I so appreciate Suzanne's kind, compassionate, and professional guidance, and I highly recommend working with her.

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