Your Intuition Is Not Your Mother Bossing You Around, So Stop Ignoring It

author/source: Melissa Harrison

I’ve heard it a million times, you’ve heard it a million times.  Hell, I’ve said it a million times. Follow your gut, man! For the love! We have free will. We are free to choose our attitudes and our beliefs. So we can choose whether to follow our intuition or pay homage to fear. 

Often times the intuition makes no sense in the moment. To add to that difficulty, it’s often immediately followed by fear - so closely in fact that we have difficulty discerning between the intuition and fear.  And there are times, too, when we feel as though we are being “told what to do” by those intuitive leads. The intuition is such a powerful nudge and one that doesn’t always seem logical, that we can feel as though we are being bossed around, rather than guided.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of being bossed around. Trouble is, we have neglected our instincts for so long that we often aren’t in touch with them. We were told our instincts weren’t polite. They weren’t right. They wouldn’t lead us anywhere good.  We were told to listen to all the adults around us. Or the mentors. Or someone who had been through the same thing before.

Those people can serve as reference points, sure.  But let’s be real. No one else can truly know your path but you.  Your intuition is your true guidance.

It’s your soul / inner being/spirit guides / whatever you call it communicating with you.  As such, it’s important to be in tune with it, and to oh, I dunno, follow it!

There has to be a way to follow our instincts, our intuition, our personal guidance system, while not allowing fear to grab hold, and not bucking it because we feel as though we are losing our free will.

Here’s what works for me.

I practice on the “little” things first.

For instance:

Where shall I park? I let myself be guided by the nudge, not by where I think I “should” park.

Which outfit shall I wear? Again, I allow myself to follow the nudge, not what I think I “should” put on.

Which meal shall I make for dinner? Same deal: I follow the nudge, not what I think I “should” be making.

(The key is to FOLLOW the nudge, not just acknowledge it).

See the commonality here?

Intuition is never a byproduct of “should.”  Intuition is aligned with desire, and that should be honored.  Once you get the hang of allowing intuition to guide you in the smaller, less resistant areas, you can begin to use it in more important parts of your life.  If you feel as though you are getting tripped up, go back to basics and start again. You’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Melissa Harrison, The Inspiration Specialist
M.S. in Psychology, Leadership Development, and Coaching 
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