Woman of Interest - Christine Perkins

author/source: Cathie Briggette


Christine PerkinsBio

Christine has been around the beauty industry her entire life.  She found a way to merge her passion for beauty, education, and service. By opening Pyara, she found a way to embrace a practical way to help people. I truly believe that when we look our best, we feel our best.  Her product obsession and love for natural solutions work together to create the ultimate guest experience with Payara’s knowledgeable team.  Each and every guest that comes to Payara’s spaces are like family to me.  The team at Pyara are so grateful for all the guests that call us home and their place. Each and every year they continue to help guests, we learn more about how to customize our guests' experience and make each visit special.


Education: Northeastern /UMASS / Henri’s school of hair design / Catherine Hinds / Advanced Aveda