The Distraction of Life

author/source: Meghan Steinberg

Distraction-of-LifeAs we all know, life is full of distractions! That said, how can we be more aware of them in order to minimize and deal with it? The biggest piece of the resolve is to face the distractions head on. Are they small, large, work related, family, personal? 

I find "life distractions" to be particularly important as they are real and true. I am talking about distractions at work and at home, after all, they are both intertwined. Smoke and mirrors will only get you so far. Some situations can be considered "out of your control," though really, you control the reactions, outlook and the extent to which you allow yourself to become derailed.  Personally speaking, so long as I recognize the distraction and have self-admission, I move let's do the same right now, shall we? I give you permission to do the same if, and when, you too become distracted.

Life distractions are here.... around the corner hiding, lying dormant and then BAAM---life takes a turn, or someone just pokes the bear. Being a human resource professional, I see this and hear it from people often. How do we handle distraction in our home and work outfit? The fact is the outfit you choose to put on every day will be worn in your home and outside. There is no difference, all worlds collide and intermingle. So, I ask, how much do you let distractions consume you?  It may be a good start, to be honest with yourself. How distracted are you? How paralyzed are you? Start there--acknowledge, recognize the impermanence of the distraction and start redirecting yourself.


Be honest--you are the only one who really knows how this has, will or can affect you. Recognize and acknowledge the distraction. It does not mean that the problem, worry, fear and/or time commitment will go away. This simple, yet challenging exercise will allow YOU to re-adjust, align and shake off those cobwebs. There is an abundance of blessings around you, some are so little yet so sweet--dive into those.

It is temporary--find comfort knowing whatever it is temporary. It may not get better soon, fast or quickly, but what you have going on is temporary and it too will change and eventually be placed in the memory bank.

Do what you can--do not beat yourself up if you are off schedule or routine. Get back to it. If it takes a little longer, that’s OK. Take the step toward what you already know, or what you know you need to get on track.

Bring yourself into the very moment--as quickly as you get suffocated by distractions, you can stop and appreciate the very moment you are in. Be aware of the actual moment to release yourself little by little from that distraction. If only it was our breath that distracted us more often, life would be pretty amazing.  Each moment you are aware the recognition turns into hours, days, weeks, months and so on. It is staying focused on the short moments that makes for an incredible, enjoyable and palatable life.


I have been wonderfully blessed to merge my practice and belief of mindfulness into my work as a human resource professional. It is this chosen power and gift that helps us navigate conversation, control reactions, pause and appreciate this complex life and work in the most simplistic and simple way. I applaud the leaders who are advocates of mindfulness, those who introduce and foster this in the workplace. A perfect example of this occurred this past fall when I met with some extremely talented, hardworking and devoted dental physicians, managers, staff, and clinicians to share and practice the power of mindfulness. If you would like to learn more, please reach me at [email protected]

Here is what some had to say about workplace meetings and seminars SteinbergHR holds:

“Thanks to SteinbergHR and Meghan for helping us to pause and reflect as we intertwine our personal and professional lives and to explore the important balance." - Senior HR Manager, Chestnut Dental



Meghan Steinberg, PHR, SHRM-CP
President, SteinbergHR