Review – Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

author/source: Megan Jepsen

Allanis-MorrisetteSeldom does one come across a piece of theatre that so wholly encompasses the tribulations of its time, however, Jagged Little Pill has succeeded at doing just that. With so many causes to take up and so many social justice warriors to appease, this new musical gives a nod to drug addiction, LGBT youth, and the #metoo movement all set to the groundbreaking 1995 Alanis Morissette’s album by the same name. Following the Healy family in their attempt to keep up with the Jones’ of old; we see Mary Jane and Stephen attempt to keep their marriage from derailing, Frankie learning to deal with what it means to be a bisexual teenager in the hook up era, and Nick who must choose between a lifelong friendship and justice. With fluent and edgy choreography individualized by a chorus of powerhouses, you will have chills each time the masses take to the stage. These familiar anthems of Morissette’s; demanding self-love, freedom, and social conscience will have you standing on your seats, a fist in the air, rebelling alongside the cast. This show is for anyone struggling with their identity or lot in life and in search of representation. It’s a damn good night of theater.   #JaggedLittlePill #AmericanRepertoryTheater #LoebDramaCenter #BostonTheater

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Jagged Little Pill is playing at the American Repertory Theater in Harvard Square through July 15th