Creating Your Wealth

author/source: Kelly Shanahan, Wealth Enthusiast

Gardening of the soulCreating Wealth is like gardening of the soul -- because you are what you think.  We all know that a garden that is well tended, watered and weeded regularly will flourish, while a garden that is uncared for, where weeds take nourishment and water will only produce a limited harvest. 

WealthBuilding wealth is an inside job that requires lovingly tending your soul because judgment is a soul-killer.  It starts with you, your true desires; being the real you and all that you are.  What's in the way of money finding its way to you, enabling you to accumulate enough $$ and live life to its fullest and so your soul is fully expressed?  It's what you believe about yourself.

If those words make you pivot to questioning "what is wrong with me?" -- PLEASE don't, because nothing is wrong.  What we believe about ourselves and how we care about ourselves have been learned and/or taught to ourselves by parents, family,  lovers, friends, and culture.  The evidence is there, if we stop for a moment, get present and feel and reflect.  Do you love and adore yourself?  Do you expect beautiful results when you make a meal or work on a project? Or, are you critical of yourself?  Is the outcome ever good enough, where you exclaim, "That's awesome!!"?  With the realization that we live our lives according to what we believe, with that awareness, we do have a choice about what we think about ourselves.

Who is your juiciest self?  That yummy person you love?  It doesn't serve anyone to be poor or unexpressed. Being in the vibration of what you truly desire . . .  You can start anytime and anywhere.

Awareness, via self-care, really loving yourself, unconditionally, is the first step to building wealth.  With that belief that your life is bright and promising,  you will save for your future, putting away money for yourself first.  You’ve heard the expression ‘pay yourself first’. That comes from a loving, not a selfish place. No matter how many things you buy via retail therapy -- those things will not fill that void (you feel) but don't recognize -- up until now.  If you don't love yourself, you naturally come from a place of lack.  If you don't / can't trust yourself, you naturally want to fill that void (with things or put-downs to others).  And when you don't fully and unconditionally love yourself, it is impossible to love and/or trust others.  

Do you know your heart's desire? Does the universe/God know your inner-most yearnings?  The desire that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel delicious?  Not the goal (desire) that squelches those hurt feelings that linger from the past or that need you fill to quiet your hurt ego expressed in some tale or story.  That desire that doesn't have to prove itself; feeling true love for yourself.  

Have-VisionHave Vision and love that vision. 

Have Intention (giving your attention, not distracted). 

Have Faith (believe) and gratitude. 

Are you present and able to receive what is coming to you?  Or, are you distracted, thinking about the past or the future, protecting yourself, not trusting yourself to be present. 

Surrender is letting go, not giving up.  Are you willing to change and start creating your wealth as you tend your own garden and nurture the beauty of your soul?  

It is up to you.


Kelly-Shanahan-Global-Capital-AdvisorsKelly Shanahan, Wealth Enthusiast
Born in rural, north-central Iowa, the middle child of 8, Kelly moved to the Boston area in 1985 to continue and finish her post-secondary education, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Northeastern University and later, completing her MBA in Finance at UMASS-Boston. A financial professional who spent most of her career in accounting and financial operations, Kelly clearly understands the dynamics of financial choices as well as the short-term and long-term effects of those decisions. Her experience in breaking down complex problems and creating solutions that work is a valuable service to the individuals and the businesses she serves. Kelly also has taught math, financial literacy and technology to all ages. Those experiences, combined with her 10+ years as a soccer coach has provided her with valuable insights into the most important values for individuals and businesses alike: honesty, trust, passion, and integrity.

Kelly works at Global View Capital Advisors as an Executive Director
You can reach her at [email protected]