Best Dressed Turned 4 This Year!

author/source: Vicky + Nikoleta Lirantonakis


Best_DressedThings We’ve Learned over the Years

  1. To love our bodies more – We tell women all the time not to worry about size, and to think about how something makes them feel instead.  We learned to do this more ourselves and be happy in the body we have (and not the ones we see on Instagram).
  2. Hiring and managing people is HARD – No one will love your brand as much as you do.  Finding the right people to trust with your “baby” is the hardest thing we’ve had to do.  We learn a little more every day!
  3. How important it is to have strong women in our lives - We have met so many amazing women along the way, that have taught us so much.  Our clients, our fellow boss babes, our mom, or yiayia’s/aunts/cousins, and our friends.  We wouldn’t have made it to this birthday without them!  We know we say this all the time but it’s true!.
  4. Bested_Dressed-SistersHow lucky we are to be sisters first and partners second - This one makes us laugh.  So many times in business we were fighting the same way we would have when we don’t ask to borrow something and get caught wearing it (aka, petty).  But we respect each other and love each other so much that we learned to fight like partners that are also sisters and we know how valuable that is.


Best Dressed Turned 4 on March 25, 2019.  Herself360 would like to wish them a Very Happy Birthday!


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