Annual Life Modification Program

author/source: Evelyn Reyes Beato

Today is the day I officially join the new year life modification challenge. Not resolutions, but an annual resolve of my life, month by month, week by week, day by day, all year long. I am 45 and have reached the point where I want to do something else with my career and my life. You see, I have been an executive assistant for 25 years and I am done with it! It is a great job but it no longer fulfills me or feeds my creativity.

My thoughts are now more about indulging my love of fashion and modeling and turning that into a career! I would totally be an assistant in the fashion world, but there's not a big market for that here in Boston. I am also considering going back to school and getting a degree in Fashion. I have a tour set up at a school later this month and I am looking forward to that.

A career change at 45 is daunting. I am financially secure where I am now, but I am bored out of my mind. I have seen other people make career transitions and they are fine…however, I feel it is easier for wealthy people to make a transition like this because they have tons of money. I have thought about taking part-time employment so that I can pursue my other interests but the pay is weak! They want you to work 30 hours! "Part Time" sounds like full-time minus 10 hours, but still the same amount of work for less money. 

Evelyn_Reyes_Beato_1I want change, I need change, I thrive on change, I like change, I crave change. So this deep-rooted restlessness that I feel now is my reason for taking on this challenge.  I will be writing, taking action and making 2018 my year of satisfaction!

And so the journey begins-